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More About Ecuador

About Ecuador

So, what is it about Ecuador that I am focusing on today? I need to learn the language, that is for sure. And there are some other ideas bouncing around in my head this week…

I love my little blog about Ecuador but I also have other interests… and I really don’t want to re-write everything that everyone else has already written about moving to and living in Ecuador.

So I am going to break this site down into a few subjects that I find interesting. I promised a little information about blogging and getting a blog to page one in a google search. I will start that today.

My Spanish has taken a back seat to everything else so I will start that up again..

Personal growth has been on my mind for the last couple years… It is a goal of mine to leave all the insanity (resentments) right here in California when I move to Ecuador. That means I need to learn a few things about letting go of all the crazy that has been haunting me for the last 30 years. I promise it will not be boring and just might be fun to follow along…

You know politics, religion, and the human condition will come up every once in a while and I will warn you when that happens so you can skip over if you want…

I also have a great idea for a business that will work no matter what city in the world you live in… By the way, these ideas are free for the taking. The one I will tell you about today is my favorite to date.

Let’s do this….


About Ecuador and Learning Spanish

The one thing about Ecuador that will be the most challenging is learning the language. We have budgeted for a years worth of tutoring… We don’t expect to speak fluently right away but would like to be able to order food, go shopping, ask directions, know what to say in an emergency, and greet new friends…

I already have the I Want More Spanish page that you can link to here or at the top of the page. I made a few mistakes on that page. Mistakes happen when you are learning new things. I learn a lot from my mistakes.

The first phase I learned was Yo quiero. This means I want.  Saying I want is a bit harsh when asking for something. Quisiera (Kee-see-air-ah) is a nicer, more polite way to say I want, in fact I think it translates to I would like. Use quisiera… it is a kinder and gentler word.

The only other thing I want to stress is to keep it simple when you are starting to learn. Want a glass of water… just say Agua por favor…. or Por favor, un vaso de agua.  Simple, simple, simple… and always smile as you stumble over this new language. People will understand and help you along.

Now take the word juice, eggs, bacon, toast and just add please and thank you to them and you are speaking the language.

Por favor, dos huevos, tocino, jugo, y pan tostado. Muchas gracias.

How about this…. Por favor, por favor, banos, banos


Click over to this page if you want even more Spanish….  and please correct any mistakes I have made.


About EcuadorAbout Ecuador and New Opportunities

Imagine being able to work around creative people while making a little money and putting local people to work… all while having a great time doing it…

Take a look at a few of these pictures… this is what I call street art… some of this artwork is incredible. It is all over Ecuador. There is a lot of it in Cuenca.

Now imagine an empty street level gallery space of about a thousand square feet. Just an open space with a small bathroom in the back and a small counter.

Picture large canvases on all the walls.

Now go out and drag those street artists into this working gallery that you have created. Let them do their magic on these blank canvases. Put them to work to create art work that people can buy and enjoy in their homes. Really large canvases with good sized price tags….

You are now creating jobs for local artists, income for yourself and those artists, and you are working in a beautiful gallery full of magnificent art work.

Can you see it. A grand opening of your very own art gallery, every wall covered with the creative work of 10 to 15 local artists.

about ecuador


About Ecuador and all those Blogs


Have you ever heard this before?

“My friend writes a blog about Ecuador…” 


I am going to play another game of sorts, right here on this post. For those of you interested in getting your current blog up to page one or two on Google, stick around. I will start with one tool and a few hints on how to accomplish this and then I will show you the results by using this very post to prove my strategy.

For those who are in no way interested in this subject, just skip down to the next sub-heading, About Ecuador and Fear of to many Festivals.

And for those who want to start a blog and possibly make a little extra cash, keep reading.

Read this just to get a feel for the game and then next week I will show you how pick a domain name, find a hosting company, and get your blog on line. Some of this will be hard to understand but read it anyway. Please understand that I am trying to condense a couple books worth of information into a couple of blog posts…


A few basics first.


Google Search is the largest search engine in the world. I am currently only interested in Google. Not Yahoo, not Bing, and not AOL. So when you go to check my strategy, make sure you are using Google.

Google has robots that scan the internet looking at everything. When you post an article on your blog, these robots read it and then try to figure out what the hell you are writing about and then they create a link to your site in their search engine.

You need to write in a way that will make these robots think you are the smartest and best on the subject you are posting about. If you don’t speak “Robot” then your article will end up on page 1345, and no one will ever see it and no one will ever read it. And if you are selling something… no one will ever buy it!

So, in order to communicate to the “Robot”,  you have to speak “Robot”. And you need to make your subject as perfectly clear to the robot as you can. You do this by using “Keywords” while you are writing your article.


about ecuador


The Google Keyword Tool is going to help you determine what are the best keywords or keyword phases to use. Click on this link and then type in “About Ecuador” in the box that says “Word or phrase”.  We will use my website and this post for this exercise.

The information you are now looking at is the number of global searches for the keyword phrase “About Ecuador”.  Global monthly searches for this phrase total 13,600,000. That is a lot of searches! And it says the competition is low. So, for this exercise, I am going to use these two words and make “About Ecuador” my keyword phrase for this post. This is the phrase I want the robot to see when he scans this article.

A little side note… If I were a realtor or a travel agent I would use a different phrase. Look at all the different keyword phrases that are below “About Ecuador”. These are mostly more specialized terms. I might use one of these phrases to build my next article around. More on that strategy later.


Currently, on April 6, 2013, if you Google Search “About Ecuador” you will find this website, ecuadorgeorge.com in position 78. That puts my link on page 8 of Google and that means almost none of those 13 million searches will ever see me because most people do not go further than page 2 when searching for information.


So play around with Keyword Tools and we will come back to them in another post. I have a couple more little secrets to tell you about.


Robots like keywords… they like them a lot. And there is a magic number of them they like. For every one hundred words you write, the robot wants to see that keyword once… That means if your article is a thousand words, you should use your keyword or keyword phrase 10 times. (If you go much over one per hundred, the robot thinks you are cheating and he will do bad things to your link)

And finally, you need to use your keywords in the title of your article. And in the first paragraph… and in the subtitles of the body or your article. And your subtitles need to be in larger lettering (not just bold) than the rest of your article.


You will find all of this has been done in this blog post…

And because this post has been written in “Robot” language, I am hoping that the Google Link that points to this website will move up two pages by next week… We are currently on page 8, position 78. Hoping to jump up to position 48…. that would put this site on page 5 when searching “About Ecuador”.


I have only touched the tip of the iceberg here but these items are super important. But there are other items like categories, page title character length, outbound links, meta descriptions, alt tags, labeling your photos, writing original content, comment section activity………. I will cover all these in a future post.


Ask questions in the comment section… don’t be shy, I really do not mind helping if I can…


I am still looking for information so I can write an article about alternative lifestyles in Ecuador… Email me if you would like to help me on this subject…


Dreamhost is the company that hosts my website and I finally added a link to their website in case anyone is looking. They have been great to me over the last year. I am working on getting a better pricing structure or some kind of discount so hang in for a few days…


If you scrolled down looking for About Ecuador and Fear of to many Festivals… I fell asleep before I could write it… sorry.


Have a great weekend everyone.

I can’t wait to see everyone writing blogs…..



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  1. Larry says:

    Thanks George, looking forward to learning more about blogging. Thanks for putting the learn Spanish back in your blog. Until next time enjoy yourself.

  2. George, I am fully bilingual English and Spanish, I lived in the States for 53 yrs, if you need my help with the Spanish language, I am willing to do so for free.Have a great weekend.

    • Ecuador George says:

      Modesto… Thank you so much for the offer… If you don’t mind I will check in every once in a while… Gracias mi amigo…. George

  3. Nancy H says:

    Thanks for the refernce to “quisiera”, George. Nice to know that I am not always talking to myself. What happened to the “Fear of too many Festivals” info? Get ready when you get here in octubre. (days of the week and names of months are NOT capitalized here.) November 2nd is Day of the Dead (All souls day) Interesting tour of the catacombs under both cathedrals as well as the cemetary. This is followed by November 3rd (Tres de noviembre) which is the celebration of the day Cuenca was freed of the “conquerers” (Spaniards) Fun stuff to do and see. Artisans come from other places in Ecuador and there are vendors in Otorongo Plaza and up and down 12 de abril and some downtown. Then the American expats celebrate Thanksgiving. THEN comes Christmas and New Years. Christmas Eve is the Parada de Nino (Parade of the child – baby Jesus). This parade makes the Rose Bowl parade looks sick and puny. New Years Eve is a big all night party in some places. Burning of effegies and fireworks start at midnight. That’s just the last quarter of the year. Participation is not mandatory, and I tried not to miss much of anything the first year I was here. There are some things I will do over this year – Like the 8 day fiesta just before Corpus Christi Sunday in June. One good thing about all that Catholic education is that it helps to understand some of these festivals. Some knowledge of Ecuadorian history helps, too.
    Looking forward to your return. I get my gatitos in 3.5 weeks.

    • Nancy… Of course I listened to you… Quisiera is a great word.

      We are looking forward to all the Festivals. We are really looking forward to just walking around town and sitting in the park. One of the houses is suppose to close next week. One step closer to our adventure. See you soon we hope… George

  4. George,
    Perfect timming! I plan to write off my upcoming trip to check out Equador before retiring by bloging about Ecuadorian seafood and cooking including an e cookbook. If you are down there in june or July let’s get together and I will cook dinner.
    Dan Turner
    Professor of Culinary Arts

    • Daniel…. Still not sure how much interest the readers have in blogging and learning how to get google to see them. I might start a separate page about the subject instead of a post…. But no matter how I do it, I plan on sharing as much information as I can. Good luck with all you do. George

  5. Guillermo says:

    FYI–I was taught–in Guatemala–that it is polite to say me gustaria tener frijoles–it would please me to have beans.

  6. Joan Dale says:

    Hi George: another great piece of writing. I wanted to tell you that we are back in Spanish Lessons again, twice a week with a great teacher. We started right at the beginning with the alphabet and the verb to be. We are now building sentences after only 3 lessons. Our teacher speaks only Spanish during the lesson, he is very patient and so well prepared. We also get homework after each lesson. The best part is that it is free, yes you read that correctly, we get 4 hours of Spanish Lessons for free each week.

    Vic and I are going to Canada for two weeks, leaving on the 10th and back on the 25th. We are going to freeze as it is still well below zero and we don’t own any cold weather clothes or shoes now.

    Keep up the good work my friend.

    Hugs, Joan.

    • We can not wait to take Spanish lessons… Two a week will be enough for us. I know some people that do it every day and I am not sure I would learn any faster doing it that much… See you when we are on the coast… Have fun on your trip… George

  7. Diane says:

    Love the Spanish lessons and reading your blog. I am trying to watch more Spanish TV to get use to the pace and realized yesterday during a subtitled movie that I could recognize some words automatically. It made me smile and feel more optimistic about learning Spanish so late in life. Thank you.

  8. Heide says:

    Love the Spanish lessons! 🙂 I will be back to learn more!

    • Ecuador George says:

      Heide, I am learning right along with you. And having fun doing it. I will do more for sure. George

  9. I need a little help… Would someone please confirm for the sake of the experiment above what position this website is in if you Google the words “about ecuador”. Two days ago the link to this site was on page 8, position 78. When I searched with Google this morning this site was linked on page 3, position 28…

    Just trying to see if my “Robot” language is working… if it is then it is coming along much faster than my Spanish is…. Thanks…. George

    • Steve says:

      Hi George, great site. Today I googled “about ecuador” and found your site on page 2 at position 22 (add 4 to that if you count the paid spots).

      My wife and I are looking into Ecuador as our first retirement adventure when we are free next year and I find your site entertaining, honest and helpful.

      • Ecuador George says:

        Hey Steve… I have not been posting lately so my site moves quickly down the Google roster… With the big move I have been stressed a bit and have not had time or been inspired to write. It doesn’t take long for Google to forget how much it used to love me… I promise to keep writing as soon as I have a moment to think… Stay well. George

  10. Deby says:

    Yes, page 3. Great job, George!

    • Deby… I am having fun with all this Google stuff. It will probably take another post to get to page one… I am already on page one when you type in things like “property in ecuador” or “cost of living in ecuador” or “moving to ecuador”. I’ve been reading lots of books about all this. It seems to be working… George

  11. Ashley says:

    You moving up in the Google world, EG!! Page 3 all the way, whoop whoop!! You’re amazing!!

  12. Sheila says:

    George, I was scrolling through FB and saw your request to Google “About Ecuador.” You are on PAGE 1 POSITION 11! WOO-HOO!

  13. Ecuador George says:

    That is good Sheila… Thanks for checking. Looks like the google robot likes me! George

    • Sheila says:

      George, I just Googled “Ecuador” and you were on page 1 position 13! The Google Robot really loves you!

  14. Belinda says:

    I enjoyed reading about the Google robot. As of today, you are on page 3. I learned a LOT and will apply this to my own business website. Thank you.

    • Ecuador George says:

      Thanks Belinda, I am trying to get my next post out… It has been crazy around here with work and medical problems with the dogs… But I should be posting in a day or two… Glad to be of help with your website… George

  15. For anyone who is following along on my little Google challenge, here is some great news. It is April 23rd and I have just received an email from Hawaii and from the San Francisco area telling me that we have gone from page 8 to page 1 when you search “About Ecuador”. So, by using a few simple writing techniques, we moved up more than 70 spots, but most importantly we are now on page one where people can find us. If you have an online business or write a blog, this type of information is invaluable. Follow along on the next couple of posts to learn the basics of SEO (search engine optimization)…

    This is so cool…


  16. Marin Jim says:

    Well George you’ve gone and done it Page 1 4th spot CONGRATULATIONS! I’m 30 miles North of San Francisco so very close to the heart of the heart of technology, even know a fellow that works at Google. Great blog BTW and keep it up. Get some sleep and write that Festival piece. I like your idea about labeling household items in Spanish.

    • Ecuador George says:

      I chuckled when I read your note. Can you believe it, Page 8 to page 1 in three weeks. And I will keep writing. Doing a new post today… Thanks. George

  17. Patricia says:

    Hi George,
    Discovered your blog today (googled)and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. I plan on going to Ecuador in about a year and of course learning the language is going to be somewhat of a challenge for me. Is it possible for you to spell the words you are teaching us fanatically as I find it’s easier to pronouce them correctly?


  18. Lori says:

    I google searched today and found your website on page 1. We are hosting an exchange student from Quayaquil through Rotary International. I was searching to find out more about her culture, city, economics. Love the pictures! I read everything on your site. Thank you so much. I have bookmarked your site so I can see more and hopefully learn more. We live in Michigan.

    • Ecuador George says:

      Hi Lori, Sorry it took so long to answer you comment. I am 60 comments behind and doing 3 or 4 a day until I am caught up. You will love the people from Guayaquil. Ecuadorians are so wonderful and grateful and friendly. Let me know how it all goes. I would love to post some pictures and a story if you want to write one… Let me know. George

  19. Dylan Morales-Dacy says:

    I have been dating a girl from Ecuador for a little over a year and am interested in moving there. Could you possibly disclose the amount necessary for opening the studio. Thinking of taking a business there.

    • Ecuador George says:

      Dylan…. These are just ideas I have, opportunities that come to mind when I see things. I have not done a study or a cost analysis on any of these businesses… George

  20. Susie says:

    Fantastic blog George….really enjoying it. My partner and i are planning on a move to Ecuador in 2014 but am a little scared of altitude sickness for him especially as we were wanting to start in Cuenca. Got any good tips for lower altitude quieter towns where there are not too many airborne biteys?!

    Wanting to avoid dengue, malaria etc if at all possible. Would appreciate your experience


    • Ecuador George says:

      Susie, I would recommend Salinas as your starting point. Coastal city with nice beaches and nice people. Then start to explore up the coast. Check out this blog as I have a few posts about Guayaquil, Salinas, and Montanita…. Good luck. George p.s. Don’t be too scared about dengue and malaria, it is in Ecuador but it is also in the United States. Just be careful and you should not have a problem… George

  21. Lino says:

    Hello George, thanks for writing this helpful post. Last time I worked with Dreamweaver extensively was in 2000 and 2001 I learned it since did not wanted to pay a developer to do it for me, the website Craftxotica.com selling arts and crafts from Ecuador then sold it in 2003 and the person who bought it drove it to the ground. Fast forward to 2013 I have not build a website or anything like a blog ever since, I was confronted with the dilemma of: you have to re-learn Dreamweaver all over again because anything you knew and don’t actively practice on a continuous basis eventually you will forget and that is exactly what has happened to me. Your information here posted it has made my decision to dive into creating a blog easier so I thank you again for that, I started to write my blog just last week cuencabuilders.com and was debating between developing it myself or using the technology already in place like Blogger.com or WordPress I decided the latter.

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