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Ecuador George

I am 56 years old and live in Southern California in a small mountain community. My job is to build homes. I started building homes in the Phoenix area. Luxury Homes first then Historic Reproductions in various Historic Housing Districts in the downtown area. That was a fun job. Now I build homes in the mountains. Not big, luxurious homes, but small, cozy, mountain homes. I also do some remodeling and room additions. My little town has a population of 1000. That is not a huge market to draw from. You have to be a good builder to make a living in a small town. I have been able to do it for 11 years.


Ecuador George

George and our Dole Plantation Tour Guide

I love spending time in Hawaii. Mostly Maui but I have been to all the islands. They are all great. In February 2012 we will be heading to Kauai for 11 days. Hawaii was my favorite spot until last year. That was the year I spent almost 3 weeks in Ecuador. What a beautiful country… I will be traveling to Ecuador again in late 2012 to explore coastal cities and will also spend a week in Cuenca. If this second trip is as great as the first one was, Ecuador will move to the top of my short list for a retirement spot… and then early retirement may kick in. More to come on that subject.

Here is a cute little video of our Kauai vacation we took in Feb 2012… This looks like as good a place as any to fit it in…


I also like to play tennis, good music, love coffee, love my two dogs and my partner of 18 years, and not necessarily in that order. I love anything that is built and designed well. Porsche automobiles, Craftsman tools, Miele appliances, even Oreck vacuums. Good quality and good design turn me on.

Here are the dogs….




More to come as it comes to me….



“There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign.” – Robert Louis Stevenson