Getting Back To Normal… Almost

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My Last Minute Post


I just reviewed last months blog post and it looks like I promised a few things.

I usually write uplifting stories, but this time I have one that is a little disturbing… Not awful, might be funny to some people, the ending is funny to me. This will be my first story.

Then we have pictures. There have been many different events, tours, and parties lately. There is always something going on in Cuenca, Ecuador.

And at last a few pictures from my trip to Hawaii. Feels like that trip was months ago. Oh wait, it was.

cuenca ecuador

Yummy Warm Italian Loaf

And I have a new hobby. Over the last month I have learned to bake bread. In fact, at this very moment there is a savory Italian loaf in the oven. It is full of butter and garlic, cheese, dry salami, and chopped up spinach. I will take a picture and post it here when it is done. This is real bread with yeast, and like me, needs to be kneaded. My hands smell of garlic as I am typing this. The small diamonds in my ring are filled with bread dough. I know, that’s kind of gross, but I forgot to take it off.

I only allow myself 2 slices from each loaf I make. I don’t want to gain all that weight back. My friends and the guards at the front desk of my building have been eating the rest. No complaints so far.


It has been a while since I last posted. Sorry, but my creative juices have been a little dry lately.

Lets see how this all works out today. I have only 5 hours to write this, edit it, and insert pictures and titles. I’ve been putting this off for a week now. Time to get busy.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for success.

Now lets talk about mean people… a crummy story with a happy ending.



The Man With The Small Penis


My home is located in one of the best areas in Cuenca. At least in my opinion it is.

cuenca ecuador

Missy in Her Element

Across the street is the Yanuncay River, one of four rivers that runs through the city. On either side of the river there is a wonderful grassy park, with a bike path, walking trails, and beautiful trees.

It is the perfect place for my dog Missy to go walk, run, play, and do her business.

At least it was perfect until one day last month when we met this man and his seemingly very friendly and cute poodle.

Can you guess what happened?

The man was smiling at me, so as to let me know that he and his dog would like to get acquainted… but then, without any warning, his ugly little mongrel attacked my sweet and loving Missy.

As this was happening, I looked at this man and he had this evil little smirk on his face.

I could tell this was not the first time he had done this. He was enjoying this little show of brutality… (Insert drama here)

He didn’t try to pull his dog back, he didn’t apologize, he just stood there enjoying the show. At that moment, as I was pulling Missy back into my protective custody, I thought to myself, this man must have a small penis… a very small penis.

And just as I was thinking this, I heard a noise, looked up and saw this woman smack the heck out of this guy with a closed fist across the back of his shoulder blades.

She was not happy. Seems that she had watched the entire incident while walking towards us.

She apologized at least three times, then turned and slapped her husband on the chest while yelling at him in Spanish.

I could tell, from the look of anger and disappointment on her face, that I was right in my appraisal.

Su pene es muy muy pequeño.


cuenca ecuador

Missy on The Yanuncay River                     Say No To Mean Dogs and Mean People



Never A Dull Moment In Cuenca, Ecuador


Lots of events. Some of these I can not even remember the specifics but I will do my best.

I just love all the great people here in Cuenca, Ecuador. Wish I could remember even 10 percent of them.

This morning I was shopping and saw someone I was sure I knew. I went over and talked to him, and then when I got home I realized he wasn’t the person I thought he was. That look of confusion he had on his face is now making perfect sense.

Oh well, at least I tried….


cuenca ecuador

Tour Bus Up To The Orchid Farm


At The Orchid Nursery

At The Orchid Nursery


cuenca ecuador

Ingapirca Trip With Good Friends


Walking Up To The Ruins

Walking Up To The Ingapirca Ruins


cuenca ecuador

Tour Of Local Historic Hotels           Cuenca Ecuador


One Of Many Beautiful Historic Hotels In Cuenca Ecuador

One Of The Many Beautiful Historic Hotels In Cuenca Ecuador

The hotel tour lasts almost 5 hours. We had a great time and went through many beautiful buildings. Google Rick Duda and take one of his tours.


Hearts Of Gold Event

Hearts Of Gold Event


Wonderful Friends

Wonderful Friends


A Secret Party With Nice Looking Friends

A Secret Party With Nice Looking Friends


Weekly Poker Game With Waiting List To Get In

Weekly Poker Game With Waiting List To Get In


That’s it for events and fun things we did last month. Just a little insight into what retired people do in Cuenca Ecuador, now that we don’t work. Never a dull moment around here. A nice place to live.



Baking Bread in Cuenca, Ecuador


About a month ago I started playing with the yeast I found in the kitchen pantry. It took me a few tries but I was finally able to get that stuff to grow.

I can’t tell you that I’m an expert at this yet, but about half the stuff I bake is spectacular. The other half either goes into the garbage can or, if it’s sort of good, it goes to the guards at the front desk. Eventually, with enough practice, I hope to become a competent baker of fine breads and pastries.


Waiting For My Buns To Rise

Waiting For My Buns To Rise



That Hawaii Trip


This trip was a little bitter sweet coming so close after my separation, but thanks to family and my good friend Annette, we all had a spectacular time. It was good for all of us to get away to this beautiful island.

Decided to keep the condo so will be back there again next year. Oh well, someone has to do it….


cuenca ecuador

The View From The Lanai


cuenca ecuador

An Artsy Fartsy Picture I Took On Maui


cuenca ecuador

Biking Down The Volcano in Maui


Picking Our Helmets

Picking Our Helmets

cuenca ecuador

Another Perfect Adventure on Maui               Time To Snorkel  



Spanish Flash Cards


I know you don’t want to hear this but you really must try to learn Spanish if you are going to retire in Cuenca, Ecuador. Just do a little at a time.  I keep a deck of flashcards on the table by my TV remote. I look at them every night. I now know most of these words…


Cuenca Ecuador

Flash Cards For Learning Spanish


The house cleaner was here this morning. She does not speak English.

I said to her, “Necisito ir por desayuno con amigos. Regreso en dos horas.”

Now I am pretty sure this is not exactly correct, but it just came out of my mouth without having to think about it too much. She smiled and did not even look at me funny. She knew exactly what I was saying and she smiled and said my Spanish was muy bueno.

I believe I have now reached the level of a four year old child with my Spanish language abilities, and I am very happy with that. So much more to learn but it is starting to stick, and that is a real good thing.

I need more Spanish speaking friends. Maybe between 25 and 45, good looking, you should love long walks on the beach… Oh wait a minute. Wrong website…



Time Is Up


It is 11pm and I am pooped. Didn’t cover everything I wanted, and I don’t have any deep and meaningful message in this post, but I feel like I’m on my way again. It takes time to adjust your lifestyle after major changes occur. I know I still have a ways to go, but I think I’m over the hump.

Will go look for a little music to end this post with if I have time.

Thanks for sticking around. And don’t forget to read our local publication, Cuenca Expats Magazine. Click here and a new window will open to the electronic version of the magazine. Did you know that I am the Publisher? Pretty good for a guy who didn’t know how to conjugate verbs 6 months ago. The magazine is also available all over the city in print form.

Hope everyone has a great September. I will be traveling again. First to Chicago, then California, then to the coast of Ecuador for a few days, and then back to Cuenca.

I have more stories. Stay tuned and I will have some tall tales for you next time. Maybe I will tell you about the government agent I met and all the secrets he told me… Are you interested?

Friend me, subscribe, and send this to your friends who are retirement age. Thanks for all your support.




And just for clarification… The small penis story, that is a what writers call a metaphor… maybe a meta-four and a half.

See you in a few weeks. I promise.


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  1. Rob Hertzenberg says:

    You’re a hoot, George! Such a good read, and the rolls look delicious!

    • Rob,
      You are a good friend. The rolls were pretty good but not perfect. I will need to make 10 or 15 more batches to make them just right. Soon I will have samples.

      Thanks for the comment. See you soon I hope.


    • Robyn says:

      I am glad you are doing well. Poor Missy, what a scary experience. I hope you have a good trip to Chicago and California. Keep up the blog , both my husband and I really enjoy it! Your articles are great!

      • Robyn,
        Thank you for the nice comment. Missy is fine. She is pretty tough.

        And thank you for saying that about my articles. I like writing them. Maybe there is a future for me at a travel magazine or some paying gig.

        Then I could travel all over the world. Wouldn’t that be a hoot.


  2. Kathy Ellis says:

    Dear George,

    Another great post ….love the small penis story !I’m glad Missy is ok….what a jerk…I feel sorry for the dog 🙁

    The bread and rolls look delicious….email samples please?…lol

    Fantastic choice in musical selection……I love that song and it transports me back to some wonderful memories 🙂

    Take care my friend !

    • George says:

      Como esta? Thanks for following and liking my blog.
      Missy is ok. His dog bit the soft skin on the side of her mouth. Missy heals very fast. She is a very healthy dog.

      I will share my basic bread recipe as soon as I have it down.

      Stay well my friend.


  3. Juanita says:

    Love your articles. You are funny and inspiring – a good combination. When you get your bread recipe perfected, would you mind sharing the recipe? I always love seeing pictures of Missy.

    • Juanita,
      I’m practicing a new loaf of bread right now. Trying the same recipe over to see if I can make the same loaf over and over. As soon as I have it perfected I will share.

      Thanks for your kind words.


  4. deb says:

    OK, George, where do I line up for a piece of the fabulous-sounding garlic, cheese, salami, spinach bread?!? I admire you – yeast scares the heck out of me!!

    See you soon?


    • You must be one of my favorite Debs. I have my cousin, my good friend in Forest Falls, and my good friend here in Cuenca.

      So looks like I may need to make 3 loaves…. Hahahaha

      Thanks for the nice comment.


  5. Jacqui says:

    Another informative and funny post George! Thanks for your continued time you dedicate in letting us know you. Love reading what you post. Keep practicing on the bread baking. My dad used to say this to the best pie baker in the family…just so he could keep eating her pie! I’ll sign up to be a taste tester!

    • Jacqui,
      My poker buddies are always telling me how much they like the baking… The bread in Ecuador is very different from what we are used to, so when they get bread with eggs and butter in it, they go crazy.

      Love sharing my experiences. Lots of people are coming this way. I hope it is helpful.


  6. Linda Jones says:

    Well that was a fun read, way to go 🙂 Thanks for stopping by when you were here, you had all my friends in stitches and it was great seeing you.

    Is there red velvet in your future baking career?

    • Ecuador George says:

      Hi Linda,
      I’ll be in town in a couple weeks. Hope to see you then. Your friends were a hoot. I really enjoyed them.

      Red velvet cake. Interesting idea. I might try.


  7. Sheila says:

    Another great one George! I’m hoping to learn how to make cinnamon rolls with my son’s recipe! He spends many weekends making dozens of cinnamon rolls for friends requesting them. He raised money for a mission trip by baking cinnamon rolls! You may have another side business!

    Enjoyed having lunch with you during the last tour. Hope to see you soon!

  8. Gabrielle Chung says:

    just signed up for your blog. The best blog, I love it!
    Hola from Gilbert, AZ!


    • Gabrielle,
      Thank you for such an enthusiastic comment. So glad you like the blog.

      I lived in Gilbert a long time ago. I think someone broke my heart in Gilbert. I love the old historic downtown.

      Thanks for subscribing. You are fantastic.


  9. Ray Manna says:

    Hey George, Glad to see you’re back in the saddle. Looking good by the way. The flash cards look marvelous, will try to find a set. The story about the dog moved me. Mean dogs suck. That owner was a prick. Im glad his wife smacked him. I may have smacked him myself. Your dog is a sweetie. I bake break also and it does tend to keep me Gordito. But some folks love that happy being. My focus right now is on Southern Ecuador and Northern Peru. My partner lives in Lima. Im very interested in any aspects regarding Gringos with aspirations towards marriage with Latino men and the nuances of visas, etc. For the time being playing it all by ear. Have discovered that great air fares are to be had out of Sao Paulo to India, another of my annual treks.. Take care.. Ray

    • Kenneth Hanigan says:

      Hello Ray, I just spent the last two years with the process of the embassy and National Visa Center. I live in California and my husband is in Peru. Last trip we stayed a few months in Ecuador. I am leaving on the 10th for our interview at the US embassy in Peru and that day they say yes or no and give him a visa to come home. The process can be crazy and of course grinds on the patience a bit. But here we are 2 years later and on the last step. I am assuming I will be bringing him home this trip. If you have any questions please feel free to write. I did not use an attorney and though a bit confusing at times, we were successful. By the way he lives in Lima and could meet for coffee. I will be there from Sept 10 to October 10. Peru of course doesnt accept gay marriage so we got married in Rosario, Argentina. Loved Argentina. Let me know if you need any help.
      Ken y Miguel

    • Ray,
      I see you are a fan of the Latino culture. I have recently experienced this and it is an eye opener. So much passion and honesty. Almost knocked me off my feet.

      Good luck in your pursuit of happiness. Let me know how it all turns out.


      • Kenneth Hanigan says:

        Good observation George. I found the same when I first encountered the Latino culture. Of course there are exceptions but I found honesty and sincerity in Miguel and now happily married to him. He and his family are very gentle and kind, and so respectful of me as an older man. We have lost a lot of this in our culture, placing our seniors in homes and many times abandoning them. It was such a pleasant surprise to feel so valued. And their ancient cultures are marvelous to study and explore, visiting the ruins, and seeing the diversity in the museums. And I love the bright colors (the Peru flag can be confused for the gay flag), and interesting cultural differences. Now that your single, maybe you will find a wonderful Latin American man to share your time in Cuenca. Hope someday to meet you. Good luck on your path.

        • Ken,
          I am the older guy in most of my relationships… lol. But it is different here. Age doesn’t seem to matter as much as respect and love. It makes me feel really fantastic when people say the things they do to me. I love you come easy to this culture, and it is because they really mean it.

          I like that.


  10. George –

    Thanks again for the really insightful stuff you publish. Moving down there seems like more and more of a reality over the next few years. And it is not so much an issue of money as one of lifestyle and adventure. Neat on baking bread and all that, and good on the travels and the opportunities to travel.

    Your writings are valued. Keep up the good work.

    • By the way, I am playing with and working my way through learning Spanish bit by bit. Being fluent is an eventual goal, but having some very basic skills sure seems like a necessity to visiting the country. Es necessito. Yo hablo malo. Práctica, práctica, práctica…

      • Scott,
        I love that you commented on so many things. That means you read the whole thing… That is pretty cool.

        I went to a couple of sessions of Spanish class, 6 weeks each, and now I am using everything I can to learn and retain that information before I move on.

        I think you need those classes, and then you need to use that information combined with Duolingo, flashcards, simple first grade books, and anything else you can find.

        In a few months I will take beginner three and be ready to learn the next installment. Slow but sure with a strong foundation.

        I like it.


  11. Tom Gallagher says:

    Fantastic job George. I can relate to all of what you said. If you will be on the coast around 10/7, please ping me and let me know, I’ll be poking my nose in places that have waves.

    • Ecuador George says:

      Thank you Tom,
      I think I am on the coast around the 21st and 22nd of September. Staying right on the beach in Salinas with a couple of my family members. After that, who knows… We kept a few days open to go where the wind blows us.
      Thanks for the comment. I alway love hearing from you.


  12. Eva Evatt says:

    Enjoyed reading your blog, as always! Very entertaining and looking forward to the next one. Love seeing pictures of your Missy…such a beautiful sweet dog! Put me on your list for sampling those breads and pastries! YUM!!! Safe travels.

    • Hola Eva,
      Let me know when you want to have lunch again. Also we should walk the Tomebamba to see if there are any interesting buildings that might make for a move in the future. Now that I am single I think I might like to be closer to where all the action is…

      Lets talk..


  13. Leigh says:

    Good to hear from you again. Congrats on the baking efforts and happy to hear Missy is ok. That man needs an ass kicking and I’m happy a lady did it to make him look ridiculous! Hope to hook up with you at the coast.

    • Hi Leigh,
      I will let you know when we are in Salinas. It would be great to sit and talk and eat on the ocean.
      I saw that idiot man again today… He forgot and tried to do the same thing again. I looked at him and told him to keep on walking, and that I knew his little game.

      He gave me a look like he was as dumb as a box of rocks… Jerk.


  14. Peter Kahl says:

    Hi George, Great read again. I concur with the others you have a great looking dog and your buns look great. Tried my own at baking some ANZAC biscuits here in San Marcos on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala last week and even though I needed to substituent the golden syrup with honey, they still tasted great. I thought you were going to live in San Clemente? I have been enjoying your photos you have been posting on the Facebook site. If you are down that way in Feb next year we will definitely have that drink else, I’ll have to see if we can make it over to Cuenca.

    • Peter,
      In a year or two I may go to the coast for a six month visit. San Clemente is suppose to be wonderful. I miss the beach.

      Remind me next year when you are close. It would be a great excuse to get out of the mountains for a week or so…


  15. Egyirba says:

    I love your blog posts. You are witty and kind even in the face of insanity. You have a warm disposition and personality and I’m so happy to know you!

    • Egyirba,
      You are one of the strongest women I have ever met, and so kind. Your are on my desert island list. This is the list I keep of people I would want with me if I was stranded on a desert island. thanks for being my friend.


  16. Donna says:

    LOVE the small penis story except the part about Missy being attacked! What a jerk. I hope his wife smacked him all the way home!
    Your baking looks amazing! Glad your life is slowly getting back to “normal”

    • Donna,

      Small penises and baked goods. How can you not love that combination… lol.

      As for my life getting back to normal, well, I though I could just process it in a week and be done with it.

      Well, I am learning that it doesn’t work that way. But it is certainly better than it was. And next week it will be even better.

      Thank you for the nice thought and concern… George

  17. Fiona says:

    Thanks again George. I sound like a broken record but we love reading your posts. Have an awesome time in Chicago, lived there 20 years and miss it terribly. I was going to suggest an awesome Mexican restaurant (Nueva Leon) on 18th and Ashland downtown (real Mexico) but that seems a little silly seeing as you are in Ecuador.

    Poor Missy. Do ship your baked goods overseas?!

    • Fiona,
      When I was younger and a little more crazy I was in Chicago. I disappeared on Rush Street for two days and two nights. How I survived is anyone’s guess.

      Now, as a responsible adult, my friends are picking me up and I am staying in the guest room at their house where they can keep an eye on me.

      Thanks for reading. I glad you enjoy the site. George

  18. carmen mancheno says:

    That’s true , you live on the best vecindario in Cuenca, my best friend live around the corner of your building, I always drive by, o run on the riverside; Love your blogs, but be careful! don’t bake to much, You could end up like James Currington who lives in Punta carnero, 15 minutes drive from Salinas, He started making sausage as a hoby, now he desappeared from FB, is too busy running “Feedle’s Green” His restaurant in Salinas, expats love going there.

  19. Scott says:

    Nice to see you surface again George, always love reading your stories 🙂 keeping going on the bread kick, lots of fun. I’m lazy and like to make the no-knead bread (google it if you don’t know) but have to start finding the time to explore deeper into the world of pasties – lol. Take care!

    • Scott,
      I am not sure why I’m so fascinated with baking. I like creating new thing and experimenting. Having great fun.

      Getting the yeast to grow will be your first challenge. Good luck.


  20. Lollie says:

    Jeez louise !! Look at how many friends and loving followers you have, George. Do you have time to read all these?? Missy is sweet and gorgeous and lucky to have you. Great stories, nice buns!
    Lollie in Vilcabamba

    • Lollie,
      Thanks for the comment. I have not been to Vilcabamba yet but hope to make it there next year. I would love to meet you. You could give me some of the inside dope…no pun intended…

      Missy is sweet and so are my friends who post here.

      Thanks for liking my buns.


  21. Gerry in Oregon says:

    Love your stories! When we were REALLy poor and living in Chicago, we had a Bread Service and made bread, bagels and muffins each week for our customers, who were mostly close friends. When you are in Cali, wave to the. Roth. We are in S. Oregon and can’t wait to get back to Cuenca and friends like Mark and Sherry!

    • Gerry,
      The Franklin’s are gone. They took off for a year and are traveling all over the world. I am hoping to do a little of that too next year, and I will take everyone along with me.

      Come on back to Cuenca. I would love to meet you.


  22. Dr. John says:

    George, I share your passion for making bread. It is very smart for you to limit yourself. When I first started making bread in Cuenca, I put on about 10 pounds in a month. I’ve since lost it and more, but I had to keep my bread intake down to 2 slices a day, like you.

    All writers have dry spells, especially during transitions. I was always told to sit down to write even when you didn’t feel like it. Get at least a sentence out every day. Everybody had to find their own way.

    We’ve had to leave Cuenca, but we always loved it and most everyone we met… your blog is a fun way of keeping some connection, thanks for your efforts in keeping it going with your busy life. Ecuador is a really special place…

    Be well.

    • George says:

      Hello Dr John,
      I am wondering if we ever met. Ecuador really is a special place. At breakfast this morning we were venting about the things we don’t like about Ecuador. From the six of us we were only able to come up with 5 things. That is pretty good.

      Glad you like the blog. Stay well my friend.


  23. pulmonurse@yahoo.comNancy Bares says:

    Having baked bread for 50 years now, I’d have to say you are doing a bang-up job by the looks of those sweet rolls. Maybe we could open a bakery? Baking at a high altitude is a little different. I used to live in Arrow Bear near Running Springs in the San Bernardino Mountains.

    Just wanted to say I read your magazine from front to back. It was great! Nancy

    • Nancy,
      My home town is Forest Falls, very near Arrow Bear as the crow flys. I was almost arrested in Running Springs. We were neighbors!

      Made a peanut butter bread roll yesterday. One of my experiments. That’s a lot of work just to have the peanut butter already inside the bread. Back to cinnamon rolls next time.

      Thanks for the comment.


  24. Glenn says:

    George, I’ve been reading your stories for about 2 years. I love them and they keep me entertained. I was in Ecuador two years ago for 3 weeks spending a week in Cuenca. I’m planning to return to do the Galapagos and Amazon Forest. My tour this time will be for 6 weeks as I’m testing the waters prior to taking the plunge. Staying in Banos for a week while I volunteer at on orphanage outside of town. I’ll be in Cuenca towards the end of June.

    In reading your last post it sounds that you are coping with your loss as you sounded happier. Your dog story was much appreciated. I would love to have seen the wife hit the man. I would have just laughed.
    Cheers to you and hope to read more.
    Glenn Owen
    Hutchinson, KS

    • Glenn,
      Sorry it has taken so long to answer your comment. Please look me up when you are in Cuenca next year. I am also hoping to take an Amazon trip either this year of the beginning of next year.

      I am doing much better as I make those adjustments that have to be made. I can report that it is a lot cheaper to live alone. And I can do and go wherever I want, whenever I want. This is a bonus for sure.

      Take care my friend and hope to see you in June.


  25. kathy leveque says:

    Hello George: I am so glad you are writing again. I needed a laugh and your dog story did it. Thank you so much. Where did you purchase the flash cards. I would like to get some. Thanks again, safe travels and I am now going to check out the magazine. Blessings Kathy

    • Hi Kathy,
      It is always good to hear from you. The flashcards came from a dollar store in California. I have also purchased coloring books from Target that are in Spanish. Both of these things are a big help as I am a very beginner in learning Spanish.

      Stay well my friend,


  26. Javy says:

    Hi George,

    Thank you for your posts. I have been reading your blog silently for a while and really enjoy your blog. We also have a golden retriever. Missy and our dog look alike… When I saw Missy’s picture, I looked her picture twice… Anyway, we had a similar experience at the dog park in San Diego. A bull terrier attacked our dog. The owner wasn’t watching his/her dog and wasn’t even there. There is always an irresponsible dog owner…

    By the way, I would like to ask you if it is hard to find an apartment in Cuenca that allows a dog owner to move in with a large dog like yours and mine? Golden Retrievers are very intelligent and don’t scratch or bite anything if they are well-trained. We visited Cuenca this March and really love the atmosphere (not big and not small) and are now planning to settle down in Cuenca within 2 years or whenever our financial goal is reached.


    • Javy,
      It takes a bit longer to find a place, but it can be done. I have had landlords say no pets, but then I introduce them to Missy and they say yes. If your dog is well behaved, you will have an easier time. Barking is a big problem for some people, and I do know some people that have had to move because they couldn’t keep their dogs from barking.

      So far, no problems for me. Not even a pet deposit. Missy is one of those special animals. I am lucky to have her.


  27. Barbara says:

    Hola Jorge,

    That’s it for the Spanish for me….I just wanted to let you know I was directed to your website by my brother who is making his first trip to Ecuador this month.

    I love your website and have gotten a good flavor of Cuenca from your posts. Keep writing, I’m enjoying the things you write about and look forward to my first trip down there very soon.

    Muchas gracias Jorge! …. ok so I fibbed, I know 2 more words in Spanish 😉


  28. Bill says:

    Been a while since Medellin meeting. Glad to see you are yet of good humor.
    We have since seeing you, purchased a small 7-AC bit of dirt on the Big Island,
    East of a town called Kapaau. As you are aware, the Hawaiians have only 14 letters to work with, so the repeats. Still being a grape farmer/wine maker here. You should have me ship some wine to you so you can share as you travel about. Crop was 40-50% short this year, and no good explanation as yet….global warming I would suspect. Great to be back in touch with you. Rebecca and I will be in Equador in the near future, would be great to meet up again.

    • Bill,
      Wow, from California to the Big Island. I have been to the Big Island a couple of times. Loved it. Was even looking at some real estate on the Hilo side.

      Yes, the temperature changes are messing a lot of things up. Sorry about your short crop.

      Please look me up the next time you are in Cuenca.


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