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Random thought….

We will all get what we deserve… just do the best you can right now and your best future will be there when you arrive.


Heard this tune last night. I couldn’t believe it was Tom Jones…







October 29, 2012




“The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what you share with someone else when you are uncool.”




October 30, 2012





October 31, 2012





Does she ever talk about anything other than herself…

I think I can actually see the world revolving around her.


I need to get out of here.



November 1, 2012


There are times that I have some bizarro thoughts that pass thru my mind. Not necessarily about anything in-particular, just random thoughts. Sometimes I write a short story, sometime a few short lines.  So if you see something that just seems to come out of left field, that is what you are seeing. A random brain fart…

And my favorite videos only take a minute to post. Those brain farts take much longer so for now, you will probably see more videos…. Thanks for hanging out….

As a treat, I will post one of my top 10 funniest videos. These change on occasion… This one I affectionately call “Brokeback Straight Guys”.





November 2, 2012


With elections just a few days away here is a great spoof from 4 years ago….




November 3, 2012




November 20, 2012




November 28, 2012




December 3, 2012




December 10, 2012





December 18, 2012





January 16, 2013


“I believe there are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations.” — James Madison

Woke up early so I thought I would post a favorite quote that only me and two other people will care about…. But here is some interesting fluff that might be interesting… (my sarcasm flares up sometimes when I am in a foul mood)

James Madison married a Quaker woman named Dorothia. She was considered at the time to be a great hostess, in fact such a great hostess that she was credited as a major factor in Madison’s reelection to a second term as President.And yes, you guessed it, a bakery goods company was named after First Lady Madison. Dolley was her nickname as she considered Dorothea to be to old fashion. She spelt it Dolley but though the years biographers and historians somehow dropped the “e” from her name.

And why should you care about such drivel?

Because once you learn about the drivel, maybe the quote at the top of this message will start to interest you… Gotta start somewhere.

Oh ya, Dolly Madison, the bakery, died when Hostess Bakeries closed their doors earlier this year. No more Zingers or Ho Ho’s….

And the point to this early morning fun facts history lesson?

…Just wondering what you gave more thought to… No more Zinger’s… or no more due process when the government usurped Habeas Corpus?

I better get me some coffee.


January 18. 2013




March 6, 2013




April 17, 2013
It makes me wonder what the young generation has to believe in today… they see adults acting like children, and I am talking about our country’s leadership… then they see this same leadership steal their future from them as they bail out all these criminal bankers and investment firms that gambled and lost. The bankster’s still get the big bucks from those golden parachutes as we pay for their sins… And our schools suffer, and our medical system suffers, our country’s infrastructure suffers, our retired older citizens suffer…. and for what… for the greed of the almighty dollar… 

And then you wonder why our young people are killing each other in our schools. For gods sake, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that some of our children don’t see a future for themselves, don’t have any dreams… it is a sickening scenario… maybe a lost cause…
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December 19, 2013

Sometimes people send me things that they want me to use on my blog.

Although the author has remained anonomous on other sites, she has given me permission to give her credit on my After Dark page.

So cheers to Kathie Sedwick who has produce a magnificent piece of writing. Please enjoy.

Eight Steps to Making the Transition from the United States to Ecuador:

Step 1: Before you leave spend a few months bashing the US on the EE forum at every opportunity. This will endear you to the expat community because ALL expats hate the US.

Step 2: Make sure everyone knows all about how terrible your life has been so you will receive all the sympathy you so richly deserve and people will admire you.

Step 3: Once you arrive, BEG for friends. Every day. Several times a day. And while you’re begging, say things that most people who aren’t as enlightened as you would think are utterly rude and stupid and then remind everyone that you’re just being honest and polite people are pussies. Don’t forget to whine if anyone gets honest with you, because YOU are special. Never forget that. In fact keep reminding people how special and honest you are; put it on Post-its on your bathroom mirror and refrigerator.

Step 4: After meeting your fellow expats, remind them on the EE forum how uninteresting, insipid, and disingenuous they are (because they are…ahem..”polite”) and how amazing YOU are, just in case they missed that. Which they did, so don’t feel bad about reminding them AGAIN.

Step 5: Realize everyone will be intimidated and fearful of you because you are so fucking amazing. Rules of social discourse do not apply to anyone as amazing as you, so disregard them. You should never compromise your integrity by failing to blurt out anything and everything you think. Your thoughts are far too insightful and important to require a filter. Some people will misinterpret your frankness and integrity as coming from a complete clod. Fuck those small people, they have no intuition.

Step 6: Before people have the chance to say anything critical about your behavior, clothes, or your informative and enlightening posts, take the initiative and tell everyone you don’t give a shit what anyone thinks about you. Say it frequently, just in case they might misinterpret your frequent protests as evidence that maybe you DO care what people think of you. Just remember this: The end game is always be the center of attention.

Step 7: Some people will not be able to handle your unsolicited honest opinions of them and about them and may take offense. Just remind them that you accept them the way they are, but in order to maintain your integrity, you must openly tell everyone that they are losers. As long as you tell them that being a loser is okay and you love them anyway, you are absolved of any responsibility.

Step 8: Anyone who says anything to you about your behavior is simply jealous, judgmental, nasty, and mean-spirited. They are NOT just being “honest.” YOU are the one who is honest. Be sure to get defensive though, because you don’t take any crap. Everyone else should take crap, but not YOU, because YOU are special.”

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