A New Life in Ecuador

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Making a New Life in Ecuador Requires Work…


Life in EcuadorLiving a relaxed, retired, and peaceful life in Ecuador is my goal.  What I am doing to prepare and achieve this goal has turned out to be a little more difficult than I thought it would be.

Today I said goodbye to my baby. I call the homes I build “my babies”. It closes escrow today and I will no longer have a product to offer new clients. It’s a little weird not to be designing the next floor plan, figuring out a construction budget, getting the next lot prepped for a new build… I think I might be a little sad. Getting in the retirement groove might be difficult.

The home we live in is also for sale. Today a young family came by to look one more time. There is a very good chance that they will make an offer and we will have to be out in 60 days… So much change in so little time. We may be on the street in two months…

I think I’m a little scared…

All my adult life I have worked to make my family a good home in a comfortable environment. Now I am doing just the opposite. Everything that is familiar is being sold. A lifetime of things are going away so quickly… Sometimes the anxiety gets pretty overwhelming… I wonder if ice cream with lots of caramel and walnuts will help? I’ll let you know.


So Much to Talk About…


A lot to cover today about life in Ecuador and about a few other interesting things…

First of all, I know this site is a bit bizarre… sometimes you come here and learn a little Spanish and then other times you come here and read about death and the afterlife, or fear of retirement, or a failing political system…

With a name like Ecuador George you would think we would be talking almost exclusively about Ecuador. Hope you don’t mind to much that I get a bit off-track once in a while… Just skip over any subject that is not interesting to you….

Today there is a little Spanish lesson, and I think we will start having a new word or phrase each week, just enough to motivate you to keep learning.

Then I want to talk about Super Human Powers. Do you have any?

We will continue last weeks subject on blogging and look at what it takes to start a blog, and finally we will try to answer the question… “Are Ecuadorians ok with us living here in their country?”

Lets start with the Spanish.


A Little Spanish For My New Life in Ecuador


Life in EcuadorHere is a phrase I use almost every day….

“God, I feel old”   “Dios, me siento viejo”

The important part of this is the “I feel” part. “Me siento” is the phrase.

“I feel” is “Me siento”

So, “I feel good” is “Me siento bien”.

“I feel bad” is “Me siento mal”.

Can you think of another word to put after “Me siento”?

Is it meal time?

“Me siento hambre” means “I feel hungry”.

Short lesson today. Pretty easy stuff…

I have added a page from my book of Spanish pick-up lines just for fun. Click on it to make it larger….

Now, on to Super Human Powers


Will a Happy Life in Ecuador take Super Human Powers?


Your new life in Ecuador just might require some super powers. And yes, super powers are real!

There are many different kinds of super powers. Certain things that might not be obvious but things we have all experienced.

I knew this girl in High School, her name was Arlene Dominguez. There was something about her. She had super human powers, passed down by her parents I think. I never heard a bad or nasty comment come from her. It didn’t matter if you were a band nerd or a cool kid from the football team. Her kindness was an attraction that you could not resist. It felt good to be in her presence. Maybe you know someone like this. This is a super power… My niece Tami has it, my sisters have it too, and my partner is like that (well, most of the time anyway). In fact, now that I think of it, a lot of the people in my family have this super power… Mom and Dad did good.

Mastering the art of forgiveness and acceptance are super powers. Can you work through resentments, maybe admit you had a part in some of the baggage you carry around, and then just forgive everyone, including yourself, and then let it go. If you can then you have super human powers.

Can you just accept your current circumstances, just the way they are, good or bad, and realize that change is the only constant in life. If things are good now, they might get even better in the future, or they may get a lot worse. Embrace the inevitability of change and just roll with it… and yes, being able to do this is also a super power.

Of course, not all super powers are good. Many of us have been around people that are just the opposite of what I have described above.

Have you ever been around an energy vampire. These people are out in force. After just a few minutes of being around them you are completely exhausted. Do you know anyone like this? The dark side of super powers is a real thing. Be careful not to be sucked over into the deep vortex of the dark side…..

Life in EcuadorAnd there is another kind of super power. I have experienced this first hand. It is a power that all of us have but most never explore or develop.

Years ago I had reoccurring back problems. A buddy of mine, one of those peaceful types, told me he might be able to help. I found out later that he was a practicing Shaman. He came over and administered healing energy therapy.

This man had developed his super power and he used that power to heal my back. He passed his energy into my spine, his hands were very close but never touched my skin, although I could feel the area heat up during the process.

This man also tried to school me in capturing my own energy so that I would be more present and available for life instead of wasting my energy on fear, doubt and worry. At the time, I was not ready for his lesson, so that opportunity passed me by…

I realize now that I need to be present, right now, in order to take advantage of all the opportunities that are presented to me… and my mind needs to be open and available to new things. Being present in the moment is also a super power.


You can do the same thing… You can have a super power…  There are so many exciting and wonderful things still left to experience. If you embrace new things, new ideas, and new experiences, your powers will grow stronger, and if you share them your powers will grow even more, and so will the quality of your new life in Ecuador, or anywhere else you may be…

So, what kind of super powers do you have? What kind do you want?


Embrace the power that comes from sharing… and do it in the comments section. (Was that to obvious?)


More Blogging Info and Getting to Page One in a Google Search


People and businesses pay a lot of money to show up in the number one position of a popular Google search. I have more lofty ideals… I do it because I want to see if I can. Learning new stuff has become sort of a drug lately.

Earlier this month we did a little experiment. I wrote my last two blog posts in a very deliberate way so as to influence the Google robots to move me closer to page one. I wanted you to find my website on page one of Google when you typed in “Retire in Ecuador” or “About Ecuador”. These are two very popular searches done by thousands of people looking for information about life in Ecuador.

Well, from what I can tell, this site is now on page one for both of those searches. In three weeks time “Retire in Ecuador” went from the middle of page 3 to the number one position on page 1. And if you searched “About Ecuador” two weeks ago, EcuadorGeorge showed up on page 8. Today, that same search has this site in position 4 on page 1.

Anyone can do this with just a few hints and a couple of skill sets.

Stay tuned and I will talk about how this is done and how you can do it on your current site or that future blog you are going to write.

And lets talk about your future blog.

A blog can be many things. If you are interested in posting pictures and writing a little about your life in Ecuador, then go for the free blog services that can be found on the net. This type of blog is a very popular way of staying in touch with family and friends…. (Blogger.com is probably the most popular). There is also a non blogging site called Pinterest that might fill your needs. Go to either of these sites and all is explained and easy to set up… but don’t go there yet.. You might want something more…

There are blogs that you pay for. When you pay for your site, you own your site. You also pay for your domain name, so you own that too. There are advantages to owning your site and domain. If you think that the future of your blog might be an online business, or that you might eventually become an author of a book, or that you might want to review and sell a certain product or range of products, write a cookbook or create a specialty calendar, then you should probably own your site and your name.

Life in EcuadorHere is a small online business idea. I like puzzles. It would be very easy to create a line of specialty puzzles. Can you imagine getting a gift on your birthday of that favorite picture of you, down in the creek, with your two beautiful dogs, in puzzle form. A thousand piece puzzle made from your favorite photo…

Now you might be saying that it is already being done. Probably, I have not checked. But it doesn’t matter if someone else is already doing it. Especially if you can get your website to show up in the number one position on a Google search for “Custom Made Puzzles” or “Unique Gifts for under $20”.

How about having a blog that offers a line of local landmark puzzles? People come to your site for information, notice the local landmark puzzles, and then notice that there is a way they can make their very own custom puzzle, using their photo. With a click of a button, you just made $10 while the puzzle company did all the work. And you are selling a hundred puzzles a month… Now we are talking and this income can be made anywhere in the world…

If your goal is to attract more than family and friends, then you had better start out with a paid site that you own. There are many more reasons for this. I will cover those reasons later.

So, first things first. Figure out how big or little you want this venture to be. It is 10 times more difficult to get a free site to show up on page 1 of Google. There is a science to this thing, and every little building block affects the outcome.


To be continued….


Do You Care About What Ecuadorians Think About You?


So, you are starting a new life in Ecuador… I remember my first few days in Ecuador. There was certainly an adjustment period for me. I write about it here. And once the initial adjustment was made, I had a couple question I wanted answered… they were very important questions…


“What do the locals think of all these North Americans that are coming here?”

“Do they like us or are we a curious oddity?”

“Will they be treating us as poorly as some treat the immigrants in our country?”


I cared about the answer to these questions… Who would pick up everything and move to a place where they were not welcome?

Well, I found out soon enough that we are welcome. Ecuadorians are a gentle, caring and proud people. I have been asked quite a few times by locals if I like their country.  When I smile and say yes, they also smile. There was one time an older man turned and embraced me, I though he was going to burst with pride… Very cool.

But this could all change if we are not careful…


To be continued….


A Few Final Thoughts


Email me if you want to jump ahead in starting a blog or want to know more about the Google thing.

I would love to hear about the experiences you have had with the local people of Ecuador.

I am wondering if I work on my Super Powers if I might ever become a Super Hero…

EcuadorMan, up up and away!


Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.

Leave a comment if you are so inclined… 


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  1. Chad says:

    George, you crack me up. You have the most “super powers” of anyone I know and am lucky to have you in mi vida!

  2. Hey Chad… You sound familiar… Do I know you? I didn’t know you read this blog… Thanks for the comment. George

    • Lee Patrick says:

      I miss you guyz…you’re going to add a LOT to this city. WHEN are you COMING TO LIVE HERE? Sorry to not have emailed for a while. After meeting you at dinner with Nancy at Sabor-e-Arte, life got in the way. Hope you both have been doing well, and coming along with the planning to move. I enjoyed reading your posts…Lee

      • Ecuador George says:

        Wow Lee….
        Good to hear from you. Hope all is well. We are getting excited about moving and retiring, at least for a while. We both need a rest. Thanks for reading the blog… See ya when we get there… George

  3. Sheila says:

    First – Love the blog! I watch daily to see if you have posted something new for us Ecuador Dreamers. Second, you and Chad crack ME up! I can hardly wait to meet you guys!

    • Bless me Sheila for I have sinned, it has been more than 2 weeks since my last confession…. (raised Catholic and feeling guilty for missing a post last week)

      Our household has been in a bit of disarray over the last few weeks. My motivation to write was buried under my exhaustion…

      Started a new job, sold a house, nursed a dog back to life, two cars are in for repair, blah, blah, blah… Not much of a complainer, this is normal life stuff, just overwhelming at times….

      Thanks for the nice comment Sheila and we will be sure to meet when we move to Ecuador….


  4. Nancy says:

    Hello, my friend,

    Does the early sale of your house mean you might be here earlier? Just say yes.

    Beth, Larry, another firend and I are checking out a new,to us, restaurant next week. Ice cream – no, cuy – yes. I’m still not ready for that.

    Yes, Ecuadorians like us here – right up to the time some oaf stands in the middle of a bank and screams about being told he has to go to a main branch to get all his $100 bills changed. (There is a problem here with counterfiet 100’s) Or some other oaf stands at the taxi stand at Supermaxi and fights over 50 cents with the taxi drivers. Or some other oaf forgets that we are the minority here, and he is actually supposed to be polite to the brown people here. If 5% of the gringo population here is “ugly Americans”, everytime 100 of us show up here, 5 of them are of the “ugly” variety. Unfortunately, they hurt peoples feelings and make the rest of us look bad.

    Why the dissertation about this? Because I am preparing to speak up about it when I see it. I feel like I am complicit when I don’t. And I want the mean people to stay away. ABC was just here interviewing those who have decided they “speak for the rest of us”. I’m tired of meeting new people who come here to get away from “Obamaland”. This really is a socialist country with a REAL socialist president. Guns ARE NOT ALLOWED. Shoot an intruder in your home here with a gun you smuggled in and YOU are going to jail for sure.

    I apologize. This is your forum, not mine. It is okay to take it down.
    Love and stuff, Nancy, and hi to Chad.

    • More of the same Nancy… I would love you to do a guest post. You are living the dream and are seeing some of the bad stuff along the way. I welcome whatever you want to say and I will post it uncensored. Not sure when we can get away. We keep have people throw business my way, but I am turning most of it down. I may have to have someone else finish some of the most current jobs I have started. October is still our target month… It is nice to be wanted…. George

    • Misspriss says:

      From what I read, guns ARE allowed, but not for personal import, and they have to have an ballistics test with all those test results on file, just as it is in Panama. And other kinds of paperwork for a license.

      Now, the reality of whether or not a gringo would prevail against an Ecuadorian in court in the case of a shooting, that’s another matter entirely.

      • Ecuador George says:

        I think I read that you want to make friends with the local police and then once you are know a gun can be purchased… Good luck. George

    • David Blackwell says:

      Thanks for speaking out, Nancy. Everyone who feels as you do has an obligation to call out the jerks who give the rest of Americans a bad name. Perhaps, being ugly, is why they left in the first place.

      • Maybe it is time to write and distribute a “Go Home You Ugly American” article…. Lack of self awareness is one of the shortcomings that Ugly Americans have… They need to be slapped in the face with their bad behavior and then most of them still do not understand… Being an asshole is actually in their nature…. So sad.

    • Shawn Finley says:

      I love you Nancy…Well said. My Husband and I are thinking about retirement and Ecuador sounds like our kind of place….minus those 5%

  5. Hi George, I like your blog, but there is a mistake in the translation from English to Spanish I feel hungry the translation should be:
    Me siento con hambre, but it is more easier to say Tengo hambre.

    Sorry to correct you.
    Have a great day!

  6. oscar vita says:

    ti sarei grato GEORGE se potessi comunicare con me in italiano.Quanto prima mi trasferisco in COSTARICA come pensionato se rimaniamo in contatto mi farà molto piacere. Ciao

    • Ecuador George says:

      Oscar…. I do not understand…. Is this Italian? Can someone help translate this?

      • Dena Jo Kanner says:

        This is what Google translate says it means: GEORGE, I would be grateful if you could communicate with me in italiano.Quanto before I move COSTA RICA as a pensioner if we stay in touch I’ll be very happy. Ciao.

        • Damn, I don’t think I will be learning Italian, at least not this year… I have seen this blog on line in different languages. Maybe Oscar could translate the blog instead of me learning Italian… Sorry Oscar. Thanks Dena Jo… George

  7. Ken Carter says:

    George. I hear exactly where you are coming from. We have just firmed up the sale of our home up here in Canada. We also have to be out in 60 days. We thought we would purchase an apartment condo up here, furnish it with our own stuff and rent it out, but we re-though the issue. What happens if it goes unrented for months at a time. Condo fees, mortgage payments and on a fixed income……nope. So we now have just under 60 days to get rid of all our worldly goods we have accrued over the years and most of it is either new or near new. The reason why we did that is that we met an older gentleman the other day at a coffee shop. He is also moving to Ecuador to Cuenca. He said, he thought it better to just arrive with two suitcases and to start again. We got to thinking about it and he’s right….I think. We have another home full of furniture in Nevada we could ship down to Ecuador but we will cross that bridge when we have to as to re-sell another complete fully furnished home again we would be taking a huge loss on, then, to have to re-furnish down there is going to be another huge outlay. You are correct……it’s not as easy an straightforward as some may think, and we don’t even have our authorizations to go to Ecuador yet . To the future…..think positive and it will all work out we are sure of that.

    • Ken, Our home is about 35 percent empty but we still have so much left. We plan on doing the two suitcase move. We want to travel light for sure… cause who really know where we will end up…. Hang in there… I just got a call that we have an offer coming in on this home… it is all happening when it is suppose to happen… Stay well..See you in Ecuador. George

    • Ken Carter says:

      George. One of the last garage sales to get rid of lingering pieces is scheduled for today in Calgary. We got rid of about 95% of our “stuff” and have informed all our Realtors, we are closing down shop and heading to Ecuador. We will head down to our home in Nevada for a couple of months to wind down and maybe, we will fly down to Guayaquil and tour the Salinas, to Manta route to see where we want to put down our roots. My wife Donna and I hope to see you in Cuenca sometime once the dust has settled. I very much look forward to it. I have just started a blog page at http://onthemovetoecuador.blogspot.ca I will need some help with promoting it and if anyone would like to follow us, please do. We will be offering advice especially to Canadians thinking of making the move as the system we have to follow in order to become permanent residents in Ecuador differs from the USA model as we don’t use the Appostile and because we don’t, we have to jump through a few hoops. I know you are on my friends list on Facebook also, so if there is anything you can help me with re a blog (and I really don’t know what I am doing) your advice would be treasured.

      • Your blog looks great, but it also looks a lot like Cynthia’s. She has the same picture in her background. If you want yours to stand out, I would look for another background. With that said, I loved that background picture when I first saw it on Cynthia’s blog and I still love it.

        It will take time to build your blog. I worked on mine like I have a million people reading it, even when only 5 people were. And remember, writing nothing is better than writing something that no one wants to read…

        Email me with any questions and I will help you or anyone else that needs help. I am really excited for you and your wife and your new adventure.


  8. John says:

    Hola George,
    When I saw my first email from you I got excited. I love the tone and honesty of the blog. I’m researching where to retire on my measly Canadian pension and sure want to get out of the cold. So much of what I’ve found is subliminal advertising for developers and the like. It’s refreshing to read your trials and tribulations regarding your move and I have found one other blog by people who are already on the ground and also honest in their approach. Hope to get down for a fan tour soon. Beer anyone?

    • John,
      Find a place that is cheap to land into and just rent for six months minimum… You might find that renting is the perfect thing to do. Whenever you find a blog or a person that you trust, please share it here so we can all go over and look. Love to know what blogger you are talking about… See you soon in Ecuador…


  9. Tom Gallagher says:

    Always a good read George, thanks again for some truly great incites.Enjoy your forever,

  10. Leigh Frost says:

    Testing George.
    Trying and trying to make comments on your blog without success.

  11. Leigh Frost says:

    Yeah! Looks like maybe it’s going to finally let me.
    Love all that you write!

  12. janet payne says:

    reading about change reminds me of a good lesson I learned in sociology class many years ago. To paraphrase Durkheim, one’s most vunerable time is during change. Not the up or the downside, but the time of change from one condition to another. And having spent my life chasing my husband from job to job, I’ve learned to embrace change and find it exciting to see and do new things. So dismiss your doubt, embrace this change coming to your life and explore the world with great enthusiasm, because we need to remind ourselves that life is a journey not a destination. Here’s a toast to new beginnings.

  13. Jim Jolliff says:

    Ecuador George,
    I have a blog in large part because of you. We have a lot in common….I stayed with Ralph and Andrea at Big Ralph’s and also with Alberto at Casa Ordonez. We are moving to Ecuador eventually. Check out my site: http://www.followingjim.com . Keep up the good work, I read your entire site every time it hits my computer!! Maybe we can share a dinner in Ecuador someday!! I would enjoy an e-mail from you!

    Following Jim

    • Ecuador George says:

      Jim… Very cool that you have a blog. Sounds like we are living a similar life. Very cool. Talk with you soon. George

  14. Diane Lamontagne says:

    What a fantastic blog George! I have been following along, with my husband Rob, for a while. We are currently living in Ottawa, Canada, and are planning on retiring in Ecuador in max 7 years. We will be visiting in August (and hope to get together for a cervesa! Rob may have already contacted you…) You made so many great points here, I could not follow silently any more. WOW! Such insights! I agree, you have many super powers, and I thank you for sharing them with us!

    • Ecuador George says:

      Diane, I work and associate with many people that what more out of life. I think the influence I surround myself with has a positive affect on me. I love my friends…. Thanks for chiming in… Great to know you… and we will see you in Ecuador soon. George

    • Nancy says:

      Hi Diane, I’m in the planning stages of a trip to Cuenca this summer, likely Aug. Are you going to Cuenca? I’ve found a tour that is designed for people considering a move to Cuenca and may do that, it’s given by Trans Andean Trading. Anybody know anything about that?

  15. Gene says:

    Love most of your post. 😉 Hope I can meet you and Chad when I come down in June. I will say that your post confuse me some. At times it seems you are still in the states but I was sure you had already made the move. Either way, I am learning from your blog. Tenga un buen dia. Hasta la vista.

    • Ecuador George says:

      We have been to many destinations already even though we do not live in Ecuador yet. We have spent most of the time in Cuenca… Glad you liked the post. If you have any suggestion please let me know… And we would love to meet you when we get to Ecuador… George

  16. David Salahi says:

    Hi George,
    I can empathize with your feelings about selling your home and actually take the plunge of moving to Ecuador. Speaking personally, I find that it’s easy to visit places on vacation and talk about moving there. But it’s quite another thing to confront the reality. I’ve been thinking about Ecuador as I’ve been reading your blog these past months and I think that’s probably too big a leap for Debbie and me. We’ve been considering some other possibilities closer to home, including Oceanside, CA and Santa Fe, NM. I was driving through Oceanside last week and noticing the neighborhoods very carefully. I was asking myself, “would I really want to live here?” We live in a pretty nice area in south Orange County right now and any change is likely to require sacrificing some of the comforts we’ve become accustomed to. Looking that prospect right in the eye can be unsettling. And I can only imagine how much greater that anxiety becomes when contemplating a move to a foreign country. (And kudos to you for being sensitive to the perception of American immigrants in Ecuador. The U.S. faces an uphill PR battle in a lot of countries these days.)

    I want to mention that one of the things I’ve learned from following your blog is the way you foster a sense of community among your readers. Good job!

    Also, I just wanted to say that you’ve presented good information for bloggers and prospective bloggers in this post. My photo blog has been on hiatus since last summer but I’m currently in the process of redesigning and relaunching it. I’m building a new WordPress theme from the ground up. One of the things I’m doing is implementing a responsive theme that works well on tablets and phones as well as PCs. (By the way, I found that your blog works great on my iPad and my phone.) If you or your followers have any technical questions on blogging or the web that you can’t find answers to, feel free to ping me.

    One thing to keep in mind is that Google now personalizes searches as much as it’s able—which can be a lot. The extent of the personalization depends on things like the sites you visit, your browser’s privacy settings and whether you’re logged into Gmail/Goggle+. Based on what Google knows about you and your browsing habits Google Search delivers results tailored to your interests.

    For example, Google knows that I read your blog so when I searched for “retire in Ecuador” your blog comes up #1—when I’m using Chrome which is my primary browser (where I normally read your blog). But when I Google “retire in Ecuador” in Internet Explorer, which I don’t use much, your blog comes up in the #6 position. That’s still a great placement but my point is that different people will see different results. To get an unbiased (or less biased) perspective try searching on multiple different PCs/phones/tablets.

    Regarding your comments about owning a domain name, there can be an additional benefit for search engine optimization. A domain name like yours, which includes a search keyword (ecuadorgeorge.com), provides an additional boost in search engine rankings.


    • Dave…. You know, there is a small community forming here. Glad you said that. I think I have noticed it but never said it…

      And maybe I will talk to you too about blogging and moving up the Google chain. I know about the personalization of Google sites. If I want to know my true position I will ask friends from all over to check for me. Sometimes I will go into the local real estate office and Google certain searches to see where they are. I also get a report that shows me who is looking at my site and how they got there. It shows me popular keyword searches that have brought people to the site.

      My goal is to be on page one for all popular searches… Position one is of course a bonus.

      You know, I picked the name Ecuador George for the exact reason you mentioned… It is another piece of the puzzle that helps get this site to page one. All the pieces have to be there because the competition is intense… Original content and reader participation is also important… So many little pieces that come together to make a healthy and relevant site. That is what really gets you to page one.

      You and Debbie will visit us for sure when we get to Ecuador… Maybe when you see how beautiful the country is you will want to come back and stay….

      Your friend and cousin once removed I think…. George

      One more thing…. I did not mentioned this before, but while I was writing this specific post I was trying to improve my ranking for “life in Ecuador”. I had my brother check my ranking and he told me he was showing me on page 17 of Google before I posted. This was just about 4 days ago… I just google searched, “Life in Ecuador” and this site is showing up on the top of page 2 this morning. Yesterday I was at the bottom of page 3. This stuff really does work.

      And by the way, if you would like to be our resident expert on photography, I could feature you on one of these posts and if you want to make a custom link to your site I could do that too. Let me know. Thanks for the info and the interest in the site… George

  17. David Salahi says:

    You’ve done a great job on the SEO stuff–even though I knew quite a bit about it I’m still learning more from you.

    And I’d love to visit once you get to Ecuador. And perhaps before you leave. I think Debbie is going to give you a call.

    I’d be happy to be your resident expert on photography. Let me know any questions you have. And, thanks for the guest post invitation. Let me know if there’s a specific topic or questions that you think your readers would have.

  18. Mike Hinshaw says:

    I completely understand the issues related to downsizing and selling your material stuff. It is traumatic in a way, but cleansing in another manner. One factor I have learned about the Ecuadorian people, in addition to your comments, is that they are appreciative of compliments. I have never seen such gratitude displayed by any other group of people. Maybe its the “gentle, proud and caring people” aspect that influences this. I agree totally and I wish you well.

  19. Mike, I just visited your blog site. Really, really good. Here is the link to your site incase any of my readers would like to visit… http://nomadictexan.com/

    Keep up the good work Mike.


  20. Laura says:

    George, you really DO have super powers and you just don’t know it yet…Or perhaps you’re finally catching on! I’m sitting here with tears streaming down my cheeks! My husband and I are in the beginning stages of planning our retirement to Ecuador next year, and I’m faced with a ton of emotions, on top of all that will required physically, mentally, spiritually & Lord knows what else!

    Your blogs give me a sense of actually “belonging” in a place where I haven’t even been yet. I can experience the life right along with you, the good, bad, ugly & beautiful. They mean so much to me because the thought of leaving the US, our home, our possessions, and loved ones is bittersweet. Most people here think we’re downright nuts to leave, not to mention move to a third world country. Many don’t understand so it’s been tough. Thank you for sharing the ups and downs of life. xoxo

    • Ecuador George says:

      Laura… Change is always difficult but it is so empowering once you have taken the first few steps. Make up your mind by gathering as much information as you can and if it is still what you want, then just do it. You will have second thoughts along the way but just do it… and if you do it I promise you no regrets, as long as you entered into this adventure with you eyes wide open, as well as your arms and your mind… Good luck and we will certainly cross paths when you get to Ecuador. George

  21. Terry Shockey says:

    Hi Ec Horge, First timer,been a builder 38 yrs,live In Mt for 35, time for a change,6wks ago decided to sell, give away, or take to recycling 99 .9 of everything. It’s all God’s anyway. We come in with life&leave with death in Christ,we hope. In between we collect crap, unburden yourself, you’ll like it.Hey George, have you heard of B M G in Cuenca? Confronting Gringos about their abuseive behavior towards Ecuadorians. The oath is ( I will not tolerate it) You could add(any more). That’s it no meetings, no dues, just do what’s right, and confront the Ugly American, in which ever way you see fit. I’m trying to set about a year to complete. By then they will wake up and not let any obnoxious Gringos in. Oh well, dreamin again.I like the beach. Hat, Sun glasses, long sleeve T- Shirt, shorts, sandals& a bicycle! Everything else is gravy. Adios Amigo, do they use that term in Ec Buenos Noches , Senior Horge

    • Terry, the subject of my next post will be about Ugly Americans… or should I say Ugly Gringos… I have my opinions and will share them… Thanks for the heads up on BMG. My friend Nancy told me about this earlier in the week and I read something about it on line… See you at the beach! George

  22. Belinda says:

    Dear George,

    It is such a pleasure to read and honest blog like yours. I appreciate the comments you have left me, and seeing as how you must be so very busy, it’s awesome. I am 47 years old, and I hope to be able to retire somewhere that I like, Ecuador seems like my style, and the plus is I speak Spanish. I was a bit surprised at how high the ticket prices are, seem like just a few years ago I went to Panama for only 700, gosh, it’s 1200 for Quito now. Maybe there is a better time of year to buy?

  23. Colm says:

    Hi George.
    My name is Colm , and I am all originally from ireland living in the UK at the moment, Have lived in various countries have been in South America Once visiting a friend two years ago in Columbia for 3 weeks , Seriously thinking about heading to Ecuador or lets say a month to see do I like it and if so, Would like to take a year out and spend the time there learning to speak their language and finding out would I like to live there permanently,,
    Was thinking about heading out there for the last three weeks in September and 1st week in October,,
    Absolutely love reading your blog, I get some really good laughs thank you George,

    Yeah and just to tell your little about myself, I am single have no children. had my own company in Ireland and sold it and had my own company in South East Asia for three years and sold it last November so looking for a new challenge,,
    So I am just freelancing in London by background is construction and real estate,,

    Chat soon


  24. Nan Nason says:

    My next trip to Ecuador will be looking around the country and deciding where to live. I may just end up being a gypsy and photograph all over the country. I am not able to be in heat and humidity, but I think there are plenty of places for me. What about pets? I want to get them there with me. Do you know the process of pet visas?
    Hope to meet you one day.


  25. Georgia says:

    Hello George
    I, too, have been researching Ecuador as a retirement destination. I have read web sites, blogs, and just about everything I can get my hands on. What I enjoyed the most is how appreciative the ‘gringos’ are of the Ecuadorian hospitality. I also understand there is good and bad everywhere – it’s all in how you make it. My husband and I are on a fixed income (already collecting the Canadian pensions) and find that an exploratory trip would be quite expensive for us; I feel that I am ready to sell out and move but my husband is apprehensive. We have a mortgage free home with lots of upgrading that I know I would miss, but living in central British Columbia and having looong cold winters is definitely one thing I can do without, no problem. The more I read about Ecuador, the more I am starting to relalize that trading winters for such a beautiful and relaxing country, albeit, without some of my valued conveniences, is a good thing to look forward to. Heating bills of $100-$190 per month is best left behind. I certainly enjoyed reading your blog (I just found you about an hour ago) and the comments from your followers is helping me to let go of the past & present and go for the future. It can’t be all that bad – millions of Ecuadorians live there and love it so why can’t we. I already have a self-help book on Spanish and I work with a lady who speaks Spanish fluently and she volunteered to speak with me so I can begin to learn the language. I certainly appreciated the advice to rent for a few months and check out real estate. Looking forward to following you and your ‘community’. Thanks for the uplifting and confidence building comments.

    • Ecuador George says:

      Georgia…. It really is a beautiful country. You and your husband should certainly assimilate easily… Thanks for the nice comment. George

  26. susann says:

    hey George,
    I love your blogs and your humor. been reading them for a while (that’s a long time for me) lol…..I’ve tried to find answers to the cell phone dilemma. we have a son who will stay behind until he figures out that he can’t afford to live in Nashville without the help of mom and dad, sooooooooo…..what’s the situation with a cell phone, so we won’t go broke before we begin this journey?
    thanks George!

    • Ecuador George says:

      Susan…. Skype for almost nothing. Do your research on Skype. You can also get a magic jack which is a device that lets you make phone calls over the internet. Good luck. George

  27. Mark says:

    I am just getting started on what is hopefully my adventure of a lifetime. I have decided to leave the states, where is wind up is still up in the air. I can’t stand the politics in the states any more. I figure if I’m a legal resident that i can live a good life without out having a dog in the fight. I have been researching Ecuador because of a guy I once worked with. He was so laid back, never got riled over anything. My first wife was from old Mexico and I can get get by with the Spanish I learned in high school and what I learned from her. from being in Mexico off and on during the years I found that if you tried to speak the language, even though it was imperfect and the conjugations left much to be desired, that just trying to speak the language conferred a measure of respect for the people and culture that gringo who expected to everyone to speak English cold never hope to obtain from the locals. I plan after retirement from my medical disability to go to Ecuador for at least a month and check out various places that i might like to live. I’m not crazy about the beach but I do like to fish. Does anybody have any ideas that might help me find a good spot. I like to be around people, Americans too, depending on the American. I will likely have around $5000 a month to live on and wonder what type of retirement this will get me in a city that is around a hundred thousand people or less. I don;t like the heat that much but my back can’t stand the cold any more. I would like to live in a place where the weather is between 60 and 85 degrees year round, and it would be nice if the place had at least a regional airport in case of an emergency just in case I had to go back to the states. I am not interested in buying, just renting a couple of bedroom house with a place for a computer, satellite tv and internet. Of course it would be nice to have a maid or a cook, I hate to cook but I don’t mind cleaning. I love to garden but a gardener might be helpful to learn how to care for the indiginous plants. What can of costs can I expect to have for what I am looking for. I dont’t mind living with the Ecudorians, my Spanish might imorive greatly with total immersion, and i would like safety where i decide to live. I think I will learn a lot from this website and hope that you all can help me make a smooth transition if I can pull this off. Thanks for any and all help. Mark

    • Ecuador George says:

      You can live like a king for $5000 per month…. In fact, you could get all you want for about $2000 per month. Cuenca has a temperature range between 55 and 75 most of the year. Has a regional airport and a good hospital system. Good luck. George

  28. Kathleen says:

    Hi George,
    My family and I enjoy reading your (very honest) blog postings! We are fed up with the liberal extremists and overwhelming sense of entitlement of EVERYONE! We are in the very preliminary stages of relocating & have chosen Ecuador. We will be bringing our 16, 12 & 9 yr old children as well as my mother-in-law. Coastal living is a MUST on our checklist. We will rent at least the first year. We love an adventure & can’t wait to immerse ourselves in the culture. Any suggestions of coastal areas to visit would be much appreciated. We plan to visit this December. Thanks so much!

    • Ecuador George says:

      Kathleen…. Moving your whole family… how exciting! Not sure if you are on Facebook but if you are there is a group called Ruta del sol mates and it is all about the coast of Ecuador… Check it out and they will give you the straight dope on anything you want to know. Also check out my posts on Salinas and Montanita… That is as far as I got on the coast. Manta might be something to look into if you want a big city…. I recommend that you do not go to far North on the coast. Stay in South and Central coastal areas. I have been told it gets a little dangerous when you start getting close to the Colombia border…

  29. Diana Mendez says:


    I’ve been searching and looking into Ecuador, and thinking of visting and vacationing there to see how is ecuador. I was born in Manhattan I studied and was brought up as a New Yorker. But I married and took a big leap and live in the carribbean Puerto Rico The Enchanted Island for 35 years. I love Puerto Rico the carribbean I made my life here worked, and now retired, but wow its so expensive. After Hawaii Puerto Rico is the most expensive place to live. So how are the rents, untilities, health care, food in general expenses to live in Ecuador. I dont have problems speaking, writing, or reading spanish. I do this perfectly as I am bilingual, both mi and the husband. Is been refreshing reading your blog. I just came across it today and have jumped and read just a bit and its been very knowlegable. GBY will be entering my email to recieve updates of you blog. Muy Buenas Noche senor Jorge que Dios lo Bendiga.

    • Ecuador George says:

      Diana… Ecuador has a very reasonable cost of living. I suspect it might be half of what Hawaii is. Good luck. George

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