George Forgues

I’m over 60 years old and that’s all I’m saying. Southern California is where I currently live, and I’m just back from living in Cuenca Ecuador for 3 years.

Looks like I will be building a new mountain home in Forest Falls next year. Postings of the progress can be found on another page of this website. As a retired custom home builder, this will be my final project. If you like craftsman style homes then you will like this new place. Learn how to build your own home right here. Stay tuned. 

I’m also a writer, so expect to read some original stories. I love the human condition and most of my stories are on that subject. I’m hoping you’ll like them. 

And finally I love to travel. I visit Ecuador at least once a year to see my South American family and usually end up in some other country along the way. Not sure yet where I’m going next but you will be the first to know. 

Building A New home

Show Me How

Just click on the Show Me How button and learn how to build a brand new craftsman style home. 

This will be so much fun.  Follow along. 

The Human Condition

The Human Condition

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The essentials of human existence. Read about them here.

Ecuador George Archives

Ecuador Archives

Real life stories about moving to and living in Cuenca Ecuador.

Also stories about traveling to different cities in Ecuador. 

You will love these.