Retire in Ecuador and Make a Little Money

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Retire in Ecuador and Make a Little Money


retire in ecuadorMy friend called me yesterday and told me that this blog comes in at number one if you Google

“Cost of Living in Ecuador 2012”.

He is a computer nut and was way more excited about this than I was…

I did smile a lot when he told me…

Being first on page one is like hitting a home run…

He then told me that when he searched “Retire in Ecuador” we were only on page 3.

His suggestion to me was to write another article titled “Retire in Ecuador”.

This would certainly move us to the first page. I told him I would think about it…


My dilemma is I have already written a couple of articles about retirement.

It would be so self serving to repeat myself just to manipulate the Google Robot into making this blog number one for those keywords.

So devious… so bordering on dishonest and immoral…

“I am not a bankster….”  

“I am not a politician from the midwest.  I am not Karl Rove.”

“I will not do it”.


That was a terrible segue into what I really want to talk about…

I have some secrets and ideas about money to share with you… and a punch line at the end of this article.


Retire in Ecuador….  Secret Number One

Lets cut to the chase… I want to talk about making money in retirement…

“Can I make money when I move to Ecuador?”   The answer is yes.

Money…. Money…. Money…

Everybody wants it, everybody needs it… Especially if you are living on a fixed income.  (Don’t worry, I’m not going to try and sell you anything)

And in a perfect world, you would want to make money while helping the local economy flourish, doing good for yourself and for your new neighbors… If you have to work, that work should create jobs for locals, not take jobs away from locals… Let me give you an example.

Retire in Ecuador

Look at George’s Shirt (Click to enlarge)

Last month we went to many shops in Cuenca looking for quality shirts that had an Ecuador or Cuenca logo embroidered on them. We also looked for T-Shirts that we could take home to friends that were silk screened with local logos. We looked all day and came up almost empty…

All we found were a few sporting goods stores with soccer jerseys… And although we liked them, none were large enough to fit us big boys.

Clothing and accessories with travel logos are missing in Ecuador. Lots of tourists and no logo clothing to bring back home.

So, how do you solve this problem, not have to work much, and help the local economy?

There is no shortage of embroidery shops in Ecuador. Maybe you put a couple of those shops to work on a line of logo clothing, button down casual shirts and maybe even a line of T-Shirts. You are now in business. On the coast you could have logo swim trunks and tank tops… (Logo clothing lines are endless… Municipalities, Hotels, Restaurants and Resorts, Schools, etc.)

This simple process could be used to create just about any product not currently available in Ecuador. I will give another example in a minute…

Now, find yourself a few shops that will carry your line of logo clothing. No storefront overhead because your product is sold in local mom and pop stores. Embroidering is done locally, even the shirts and shorts can be bought locally. Everyone makes out in this scenario. Even big and tall clothing could be ordered up from local manufactures… This is a win for everyone… You could even have an online store where customers could buy this product…


Lets talk about a different product… like bed sheets. Why isn’t someone approaching a local linen manufacture and creating higher thread count bedding locally? This would keep the cost of the product low and would create jobs for locals…

The middle class is growing in Ecuador and this group will want and need nicer things… and you are just the person to get them to market… Using local help of course.


Now don’t laugh… but how about larger underwear? Same thing. You place the order for the large and tall garments and then create a space in local stores for them to be sold. The manufacture should be happy to retool if they know you are going to buy 2000 boxer shorts with a 40-42 waist.


Try to think outside the box if you have to or want to work once you get to Ecuador. The opportunities are endless in a developing country… and do something that helps employ locals. Have I said that enough times yet?


By the way, opening another restaurant is not thinking outside the box… (although a good Thai restaurant would be ok)

To retire in Ecuador and eat good Thai food once a week might just be to much to ask….


retire in ecuadorRetire in Ecuador….  Secret Number Two

Stop old behaviors… It hurts me to say this but stop trusting so much.

Don’t invest your last $25,000 in that gold mining exploration that promises the possibility of huge returns… (There are people who work all day long trying to separate you from your money…. just be careful)

Don’t gamble your hard earned retirement savings on a land developer that promises you a neighborhood with nicely paved roads, a luxury clubhouse, and a golf course, but has nothing to show you but a drawing and a scale sized model…

You should consider renting for at least the first year or two until you are absolutely sure that Ecuador is the right country for you… or that Cuenca, Quito, or Salinas is the right city for you.

Many of us, including me, have been programed to buy property. Home ownership has been pounded into me since I was a teenager… and although I still have that programming telling me to buy a house, buy an apartment, buy everything I can…. I will be renting, traveling, and exploring during my first couple years in Ecuador.


Retire in Ecuador….  Secret Number Three

Everyone loves or has a passion for something. Motorcycles, Quilting, Ham Radios, Cooking… my brother loves Salt Water Aquariums and my other brother is a Stamp Collector.

I want to be a writer… I didn’t know that until I started this blog. So, my passion to learn and write about Ecuador kind of mutated into a passion for writing in general. And maybe something like this could work for you too. Maybe you could be the next expert on that thing you love to do…


retire in ecuadorA friend here in Forest Falls builds birdhouses… really nice ones. She took pictures of each birdhouse as she built them, from framework to finishing touches, and kept notes about each one…

She sells them here in town and locally at craft fairs…

She has a blog about her birdhouses

A book publisher found her work on line, contacted her, and offered her a book deal. She is now a published author.

She turned her blog, her pictures, and her notes, into a book about birdhouses and how to build them. Her little hobby is now a budding book business and available worldwide. Not bad for a local girl.


Retire in Ecuador and write a blog?  And make money doing it?  Yes you can and many are doing just that.

Not sure if readership here would be interested in learning how to start a blog and how to get that blog to come up on page one when Googled…

Or maybe you already have a blog that just seems to be sitting stagnant and you would like more traffic. If enough of you are interested, I would love to share what I know about the subject.


Retire in Ecuador…. Epilogue 

Lets recap this somewhat scattered article….

  • My friend is unhappy with my Google ranking when the keywords “Retire in Ecuador” are typed into the search engine. I have chosen to ignore this.
  • Secret Number One is about making money once you get to Ecuador, to think outside the box and to keep things very simple. Be the middle man. I also stress to be a job creator for locals, not a job taker.
  • Secret Number Two is about keeping the money you have. Stop, go slow, reprogram yourself… Do not let go of your retirement savings. Stop being so trusting.  My old saying is, “Protect the Principal at all Cost”. Rent for a while or even forever.
  • Secret Number Three is about turning any passion you might have into a paying proposition. The internet is worldwide and so is the potential customer base. Learn how to blog and how to get on page one of a Google search…. Page One is Money in the Bank!


Retire in EcuadorAnd the punch line I promised…

I have not been completely truthful with you. I have written this post in a way that will certainly manipulate the Google Robot to send this site to page one whenever someone searches “Retire in Ecuador”. If there is enough interest I will explain how this is done in the comments….


Another blog post bites the dust. It is way past 2 am.

Making money in Ecuador has tax consequences. Check with an accountant….

Have a great Easter weekend everyone.


Goodnight Maggie. We miss you.

Retire in Ecuador

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  1. CheryLynn says:

    Yep, I want to know what you know about page one.
    This was good info with content which has been on my own mind a lot. I know where my niche will be but there is SO much opportunity in an emerging country to supply both the demands which already exist and those which will be there as soon as the supply appears.
    Good work George!

  2. CheryLynn… lets see where this goes before I post anymore info… If there is more interest I will post it here or on a separate page… If no one else is interested I will send you one on one info to juice up your blog…. Thanks for reading…. George

    • Jan says:

      George, George, George! Once you start trying to make money from your blog, you MUST listen to that friend. Being in place one on page one is great if you’re trying to make money from your blog. STAYING on page one is CRITICAL to making money from your blog.

      When you’re ready to work on your book, let me know. By then we’ll be in Ecuador and have more time to offer my help to you to get it published. Only 33 more days till we go, except our renters want the house earlier now, so maybe only 29 days! 😉

    • Gerard says:

      I am interested in retiring in Equador. I would also like to know how to move to the first page on a google search. Please let me know how to do it.



      • Ecuador George says:

        Gerard…. Off and on I talk about getting a site to page one when searched on Google. I will probably write a short book in a few months about that subject. My site already has a lot of info about Ecuador. The one thing I want to stress is that it is getting more expensive to retire in Ecuador. Rents and food is going up. So don’t believe everything you read. I suspect IL magazine will drop Ecuador from the top spot next year… George

        • Gerard says:

          George: How much are things really going up? None of the heavy promoters are mentioning this. Good intelligence would be appreciated. As would any intelligence sources you could recommend. As for getting websites onto the first page of google rankings, I wouldlike to see your book. Any other guidance that you can offer before thebook is published?

        • GregK says:

          Hi George,
          No I do not want to know how to be on the top of page 1- if
          I start a business with a quality product, I would hope it gets to page 1-top on it’s own. I’d rather not see ‘tricks’ published on how to do this- that seems to create hype and poor quality items- read overpriced too.
          I really like your site/blog- it has sincerity all over; great content because it has useful information and ideas.
          No I’m not retiring there, but am glad you post how prices are increasing- only because I want to visit there and not any ‘gringo-ville’ areas- I want to experience the great culture in Ecuador itself.
          It’s a shame when the fastfood crowd move down and expect everything to be the same as home- or worse want to change it into stripmall- walmarts!!
          Thanks for reading this, and posting – look forward to seeing more ….Cheers, Gk. Canada

  3. dieter homburg says:

    Great thoughts here, is there a way to hook up poeple who want to do business in EC. I just got here and been taken over the coals for about $20,000. Thought it was an honest deal now i am chasing my money

    lawyers lawyers well you understand but i have to see if i can recover some of this money
    i am still looking for a small deal that will keep me busy.
    any thoughts ?
    thanks for reading


  4. Martyn says:


    I believe that a Thai restaurant opened on Calle Larga in Cuenca recently.

    • Martyn…. Love to know how good it is. We ate at that Chinese food place that has more than one location, Chifa’s was its name I think… It was cheap and very bland… Sorry Chifa… Eucalyptus has Thai items on their menu… We like Eucalyptus although it was just a bit pricy, but it is a special place. The pizza place across the street from Eucalyptus is our favorite so far in Cuenca. Good ice cream too. I could talk about food all day. George

      • Martyn says:

        Haven’t been in Cuenca since it opened. I will be in Cuenca in June permanently. I met the owners of the Thai restaurant while in Cuenca before they opened. Seem like lovely people.

        I look forward to trying it out.

      • Armando Ledesma says:

        Chifa refers to a chinese restaurant, and the term is commonly used in Peru, where the “chinese” food is made from ingredients available in Peru, not exactly chinese cuisine, but sometimes tasty and chinese-like. Peru had many immigrants from China in the late 19th and early 20th century. In Peru there are loads of carbohydrates on the menu, sometimes lots of noodles on top of french fries, not many veggies, and a bit of meat, lots of salt! In Quito I once ate at a chinese restaurant on Avenida Amazonas, near La Patria, it was fairly good, although I thought it was odd to have tomatoes in the fried rice.

        • If I am going to eat lots of salt and starch it has to be out of this world good. A lot of Chinese food in the states is bland too. My old brain loved a good all you can eat Chinese buffet but no more… Less is more now. Armando, thanks for the explanation, very interesting. Geroge

  5. David Blackwell says:

    I’ve been toying with the idea of writing a blog so I would welcome your perspective, George. As always, I enjoy your page(s).

    • David…. Looks like there is a lot of interest. Maybe I will write a separate blog post or a blog page on blog writing. It is a bit of a science with a little strategy built in. It sometimes feels like one of those three level chess boards. There are things happening on multiple levels…. Stay tuned… And thank you for reading.. George

  6. George says:

    I too am interested in what you know. My future lies in Equador, just dont know where yet.
    Keep up the good work.

    • Figure out where you have a passion… it could be anything. And believe you can be the best one to write about this passion. It could be anything… In fact, sometimes I will keep a pad of paper with me and write down whatever makes me smile and happy through my day. This will eventually produce a short list of subjects. Now choose the one subject that you will be the best in the world at… We will talk about this. George

  7. Caroline says:

    Hi George!

    As always, you have a way with your writing that feels very fresh and real to me, so I really enjoyed your post! As a single, custodial mom with three kids, I don’t have time to read every Tom, Dick and Harry blog out there, but if I do take a moment to read someone’s blog, it is yours! And, when I do, I am always glad I took the time to do so!

    I would definitely be interested in learning more about how to possibly rank and monetize a blog–something I have hesitated with, because I don’t want to spend money on a blog just languishing out there in cyberspace due to lack of readership. It would be great to know and learn from an expert, so that my efforts are not in vain. To get a blog ranked–even read–would be quite an accomplishment to me, as I am a bit of a wannabe writer, with fantasies of writing a book one day also! So, if you do decide to offer a course in this, please count me in!

    As always, keep up the great work George! You are a breath of fresh air–always interesting, often thought-provoking, sometimes enjoyably irreverent, and always fun!

    I hope to meet you soon.

    Muchas Gracias,


    • Caroline…. You have a very nice writing style yourself. There is a goodness that comes through your words. This is a very good thing… especially when writing.

      By the way, I am certainly not an expert on blogging, but I have learned the basics. I am capable of teaching those basics. I find if you stick to the basics and do not use tricks and shortcuts, you have a better chance at a successful outcome. George

      • John says:

        Hi Caroline & George! I have just signed up for your blog because I find it to be most refreshing and honest. Right now I am doing research into retiring in Central America and have found a wonderful website with info on blogging and monetizing your blog. It just so happens that they are in Ecuador too. The site is . I hope to be down there soon to do some more research (on the ground) and maybe we can get together for a Mojito or 3. Keep up the good work George, you are refreshing and honest. We all appreciate knowing the good (and the bad) about where we might end up. Regards, John

        • Ecuador George says:

          Thanks John… I get so excited when I learn new stuff. And this blogging thing is still so new to me and I am learning something great every day… Thanks for reading and I really do not mind you talking about other sites on my blog. We can all help each other out… Take care my friend. George

  8. Larry says:

    George, I love to cook at home and started posting pictures of food and some of my recipes on FB. I would like to start a blog for expats to create simple elegant meals at home. I don’t know anything about starting a blog, but do enjoy reading some of them, especially your’s. Any help would be appreciated.

  9. Moise says:

    The old saying is “Let George do it.”, and, by George you’re doing it! Nice work and you will be number one for me. As Caroline said you are truly a breath of fresh air. Yes that’s my first name and it is male as some get it confused that it might be fictional. I do not want to languish anywhere. Thanks for sending me hope in a most positive way. See you sometime, I hope. Sincerely, Moise Greavu

  10. George, you know I love you right? OK, thats taken care of.. please be sure when you write late at nite to spell your new country correctly… 🙂
    ECUADOR… No Q.
    Hugs, hurry back.. Frankie is looking forward to meeting you!

  11. It was late, or early in the morning…. Of course I know how to spell my new home… It is a typo… where is this misspelling. And Missy is wanting to meet Frankie… George

    Oh, I found it, and that is a different George who wrote it. Not all George’s are good spellers….

  12. Petey says:

    “If there is enough interest I will explain how this is done in the comments…”. Hello I am interested Cheers Peter

  13. Dena Jo Kanner says:

    Maggie’s so beautiful.

    One of the things I look forward to doing in EC is writing. I have many stories percolating in my brain and no time to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard).

    I kind of wish they hadn’t built the new airport in Quito, or at least had kept the old one for commuter flights. I’ve been reading about the great many restaurants in Quito, and I’m not above flying to a big city for a few days and gorging myself on fabulous meals…

  14. Michael says:

    When mining for gold, is best to be the pick and shovel seller………

  15. Aunt Jody says:

    Great post, George! I, too, am intersted in info about blogging. And, I really appreciate your entrepreneurial thinking! I have had occasion in my current job to order a lot of logo embroidered shirts, etc. for our workplace, and know that even here in the U.S. where these businesses abound, we sometimes have to wait weeks to get our stuff. Ecuador would be like an untapped gold mine! Everything I have read about starting a business in Ecuador states how easy it is, how little the gov’t bothers businesses, and how favorable the tax structure is, especially compared to the U.S. A few of the expats I trade emails with have also commented on the lack of clothing and shoes in general for those of us who are not small. I’m 5’9″ and have rather big feet, so they all tell me to bring lots of clothes and shoes in my limited amount of luggage. Some expats I have corresponded with in Uruguay and Chile (2 other destinations I ws intersted in) complain about the same things lacking in their new countries. Hmmmmm…. Can you say South American distribution?

    Thanks again for the great blog, and please let me know about the blog stuff when you start teaching!
    Cheers to all!
    Aunt Jody

    • Aunt Jody…. It is a great idea to produce and distribute in South America. No impot charges if items are produced locally. I have been told that it is possible to get help from the government if you employ local people. Something to look into for sure. George

  16. Ken Carter says:

    Terrific article George. As you know, we are in the pipeline for our Permanent Residents Visas for Ecuador. As a Real Estate Broker here in Calgary, I have seen some really unprofessional practices while looking for real estate in Ecuador. I totally agree with your ” rent first” thoughts. Once we arrive in Ecuador, I would be very interested in creating a blog for people just like us who are thinking of making the move south, and would like honest information provided by someone who has no interest in selling something to anyone, but just wants to offer advice on whether to buy or rent in Ecuador and if they decide to buy, how best to go about it. Count me in for the getting on page one of google lessons please!

    • Ken… I like you attitude about being helpful to others in your retirement.

      I’m working out where to post the blogging information. This might take a little more thinking on my part to make sure I give the info out in the right order… It is simple but difficult all at the same time. Stay tuned… George

  17. Bev Cowan says:

    Hey George, I eagerly await each of your postings. Love this one! I also want to blog. So count me in on the lessons. I have bought software, new computer (that won’t lock up on me)and I’m almost ready. I just need to figure out how to launch the site . . .

    I’ve talked to many people and some are very envious that we’re moving to Ecuador. We’re having our garage sale NOW. I’ve learned that I don’t like having garage sales – hope I never had to do that again. We will be locking up and leaving Arizona next Sunday to say goodbye to family. Any time I think that I want to keep this or that or perhaps people are expecting to pay less that I stated, I remember one thing –
    your posts of Ecuador. It almost feels like this time period is a test – a test as to how much we really want to go.

    Several people have already said they will visit – one for a month or more. I always refer them to your blog.

    Hope to see ya’ll soon.


    • Ecuador George says:

      Bev… Love your comment… You are living the dream… just remember it takes a little pain to get to a little pleasure. Soon you will be living the sweet life. Less stress, less responsibility, less stuff and junk in your life… I wish I could be going with you but I still have a little more work to do…. Thanks for liking the blog… I will keep trying to make it better. George

    • Carol Boaz says:

      Bev, I’m with you on the garage sale. I had the same problem here in Arkansas. I finally said, just take it for $1.00 I don’t need it. What didn’t sell I put on Craigslist and have had success. My uncle and I will be moving later this year. I have to help him sell his belongings and house in Tennessee. So, I’ll be doing all this twice!!! But I know it will be worth it.
      Good Luck on your trip & hope to see meet you down there!

  18. Linda says:

    Great and informative post and thoughtfully written, George. I, too, would be very interested in expanding my blog as a source of income. Like you, I love writing, and I believe in, “Do what you love and the money will follow.” Still trying to figure out what that is for us here in Cuenca. Right now, it’s our “getting settled here” phase and is that time-consuming (but fun!). I would love your help in the future, but will be looking for your blog post with ideas on being a better blogger. I love being on your blog roll, and we’ve made wonderful friends because of my blog. Keep on writing – you do it so well!

    • Linda… I will never forget that day at the immigration office. You were biting your lip and Bo was ready to blow a circuit… It was the reason I discussed with Chad later that we would try to do as much as we could from the USA before we made the move. Maybe you should become a facilitator now that you have seen all the craziness… I am sure we will be great friends and I will have to listen to Bo try to convince me to come over to the dark side…. Just kidding… Stay well my friend and we will see you again soon. Your blog looks great…. George

  19. Bo Boaz says:

    George, curious George…It is hard to believe that someone is so nice and helpful! I have been studying Ecuador for months and finally came upon,,,,GEORGE! I will be living and dying in Ecuador. First we will visit very soon and then move, It was difficult at first parting with a lifetime, of STUFF, things I have collected from around the world, but I an ready to let go. I told my 42 year old niece I was leaving and she said I want to go, I was glad to have the company,I am 69, this will not be a big thing for me since I have lived and traveled the world, even a month in Pakistan. I am so excited, it has been a while since I have had a big change. Thanks for such a.. fab blog, you are the best. We plan on Salinas,but that may change. hope to meet you, sincerely,Bo Nashville, Tn,

    • Hey Bo of Nashville, you sound like a hoot. I would love to meet you when you make the move. Get rid of all that stuff and start a new life… How cool for you and your niece. Stay well and see you in Ecuador. George

  20. Just a note… It is April 11th today…. I just googled “Retire in Ecuador” and we are on the bottom of page one! This process works and I will show you how to do it in my next few blog posts… Come on along for the ride… George

    • Carol Boaz says:

      George, I turned my uncle (Bo) onto your site-I see he has left his foot print here. You have been very informative; we appreciate you and Chad! We have also found Susan who has been extremely friendly and helpful. She owns her own B&B south of in Salinas called Ocean Hideaway. We are going to be looking her up in May when we do our “tour to decide where we are going to land”. We also plan on stopping by Ralph’s place as well.
      We would like to share our experiences as you have to help others. We hope you can help us with this…Hope to see you and Chad there! Best Wishes, Carol

    • Carol Boaz says:

      Just a note…It’s April 14th, 8:30 pm in Central Standard Time…I googled concrete housing in Ecuador and your website came up on page 1 – NUMBER 1 on the page!!! Way to go!

      • Carol…. The fewer people writing about a certain subject the easier it is to get to the number one position… I think I may have mentioned “concrete housing” once in one of my pages and it put me at number one… The difficult thing is getting to page one on a subject that everyone is writing about… Like the “cost of living in Ecuador” or “retire in Ecuador”…. Thanks for reading… George

  21. Donna says:

    Hi George!
    I’ve been reading all about Ecuador for over an hour now. It really does sound exciting! I am a real estate broker in Atlanta, GA & I’m considering moving out of the US – where opportunities abound but do not cost an arm & leg. I understand you do not have to have a real estate license in that country. My dream would be to start up another company, as I have in Atlanta & be of assistance to Americans or anyone else, who would like to purchase in Ecuador. I know I would have to familiarize myself with the areas & language … but, hey – you gotta’ start somewhere. Keep blogging & I’ll keep reading & trying to convince myself that it will be okay.

    • Donna,
      Do your research for sure… and think about locals and making sure they are utilized in whatever you do… I know a few people that have come in and taken over local jobs and that is not a good thing. Create jobs for locals and you will be a hero…. Good luck. George

  22. Lori from Las Vegas, Nevada says:

    George blogs are a new thing for me. My Husband and I are looking into retirement in Ecuador, Cuenca. We have started “Rosetta Stone Spanish Latin America” We want to know the nitty gritty…How safe will we be? Can we carry a concealed weapon? Can you get a license to carry a concealed weapon?
    Are people kidnapped and held for money from family or friends as shown on 48 Hours.
    I am looking for rental pricing and safety information where is the best place to find this information?
    Thanking you in advance.

    • Ecuador George says:

      Lori, Do not worry about how safe you will be. You will be fine if you just stay aware of your surroundings and just be careful. You wouldn’t go out in the dark by yourself in Chicago so don’t do it in Ecuador… I have heard that you can buy and conceal a weapon in Ecuador but I think you need to get friendly with the local police to accomplish this… Bad things happen everywhere, but my experience so far is that they do not happen any more in Ecuador than they do in the States… probably less (have you watched the news lately???)

      Google rental properties in Cuenca or Manta or any city in Ecuador. Also check out Craigslist… they have that in Ecuador. Most advertised prices are much more that what you will find once you get to Ecuador. I would arrange a place for 30 days and then look for a permanent place once you get to your destination… Not sure there is any published safety info. Good luck, George

  23. This article was written on March 28th, 2013. Today is April 22, 2013 and I just received a message from a friend in Ecuador that this article is number one on page one when you do a Google search of “retire in Ecuador”. This is so cool and thank you to everyone that reads this blog…. I am so happy right now.


  24. Katt says:

    HI George, My Husband & I was planning on checking out Panama but then someone told me to check out Ecuador. They said it was easier to transition there and cheaper as well. My Husband is drawing SS but we would need to do some kind of work once there to live the life we want. We are going to rent a home not buy. We are entrepreneurs and have a diverse background. But what I liked about Panama…especially Boquete….is the small village feel with loads of nature around the town…where do you see that in Ecuador? What areas should we check out?

    • Ecuador George says:

      Katt…. I have only been to the bigger cities in Ecuador. Join a few of the Ecuador groups on Facebook and ask around. Good luck. George

  25. Lisa says:

    That is very true! Working in Ecuador for a company is very un lucrative with salaries starting at $350/month. It’s still boggling to me no one has gone into the sheets resale business. I’ve seen some cool micro businesses from expats…bagel specialists, American pie bakers, tech support, plus making money online through odesk or similar contract work.

  26. Bryan Haines says:

    Hey George – I’m enjoying your site. Congratulations on your success.

    I wanted to let you know about a new community we started on Google+:

    Ecuador Travel: Photos & Video

    It is an open, non-commercial community. I hope you’ll have a look and share some of your photos and content.

    All the best!

  27. Krue says:

    would certainly look for the REAL costs to retire in Ecuador! Like renting a nice 2 bedroom on either the ground floor or with an elevator. what does it cost for electricity, garbage, water can one get USA’s Direct TV? Netflix? if yes how much? what can you pay for the best health insurance? where are the hospitals and are they proficient. what does car insurance cost? a beer, bottle of wine? Drs and Dentists. How hot is it compared to Florida? In other words, what is the REAL WORLD cost per month to live in each city etc. That info from someone like you, I’d pay $15 to $20 for. Are you planning to do something like that?

    • Ecuador George says:

      Krue… If you search my blog for cost of living or google “cost of living in Ecuador”, you will find a lot of the information…. Good luck. George

  28. Brenda says:

    George, when I read these posts about people wanting to do business in Ecuador, my question is, do they speak Spanish? I speak English and German, but only have a beginner’s knowledge of Spanish. I ordered Rosetta Stone for Spanish last night, but I know from past experience that the only true way, and fastest way to learn a language is through immersion. In your opinion, or anyone’s opinion, what Spanish schools would you recommend in Cuenca? I would love to enroll in classes and live with an Ecuadorian family for a few months.

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